Shark Poop.

In the car today, on the way to Tom’s swim lessons, their conversation went something like this…

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a penguin!”

Tom: “Ha ha ha ha!”

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a fish!”

Tom: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a dolphin!”

Tom: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a shark!”

Tom (dead serious):  “That would be really dangerous, Alice.”


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Celebrating Baby Hazel.

Have I mentioned that my sister is expecting her third baby at the end of September?

She is.

Did I tell you that it’s a girl?

It is.

Did I tell you that Rachel is going to name the sweet baby Hazel?

She is.

Now you’re all caught up!

Instead of a traditional baby shower, Rachel wanted a girls getaway.

So I asked my aunt Carolyn if we could come visit her at her house in the NC mountains, and she awesomely said yes.

(My favorite place in the world!!  Seriously.)

It was wonderful.

My aunt and uncle are the most perfect hosts.

And spending time with them, Rachel, my mom, and my sister’s best friend, Quyen, was the greatest part of all.

I think I will always remember how perfect it was.

And I think Rachel will too.

I take this photo — the view from their porch — every time I visit.  I just love it so very much.

Rachel and Quyen chatting on the porch.  (It was wonderfully cool while we were there!)

Wild berries found on a mountain hike.


She said she didn’t want any presents, so we all got her something anyway.





Lots of long, uninterrupted conversation took place…



It was wonderful.  I ate my weight in cheesestraws, bought a little pottery from two hippie sisters, visited the cutest chocolate shop in the world, and when I wasn’t talking with one of my favorite women, I was silent.

It was lovely, and I’m so happy we were able to all get together to celebrate the amazing mama that is my sister.

I cannot wait to meet my newest niece!

Hope she’s ready for all the baby-head-sniffing that will be taking place.


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July 4th.

For July 4th this year we were supposed to go to my sister’s house to celebrate.

But the day before, Tom was diagnosed with strep throat.

And so we stayed home.

Luckily, Tom was feeling much better after starting his antibiotic, so the day was simply wonderful.

I was sad to miss the time with Rachel and co. — but it was still amazingly great.

I just went out that morning and bought some little things from Dollar Tree, and bought some fireworks for that night, and we were set!

We played outside.  We grilled out.  We ate popsicles and ice cream. And it was the best.

Really, just a good, happy, summer day!

I had cute red, white and blue outfits for them to wear, I swear!  But Alice wanted to wear one of Tom’s shirts.  And Tom wanted to wear his VBS shirt.  And they’re the cutest ever.

Sparklers!  (Tom calls them “sprinklers” sometimes on accident.)

Oh. My. Cutes.

Happy with Daddy!

Waiting for our magnificent fireworks show!!


Umm…my kids have never seen actual fireworks.  They thought it was AMAZING!

(And that’s because it was!)

Hope y’all had a wonderful July 4th too!

(And I hope you’re having a lovely July 25th today.  Ha!)

Slacker blogger


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Matilda’s 5th Birthday.

My niece, Matilda, is FIVE.

Y’all, it’s been a month and I still can’t believe it.

And all at the same time, I can.

Because that smart girl has seemed five for a couple years.

But now she actually is, and to celebrate my sister and brother-in-law threw her a rainbow art party.

It was so much fun!

Alice and I went to Matilda’s party, while Tom and Daddy headed over to my nephew’s 10th birthday party that was held on the same day.

(My nephew is TEN?!  Also?  I’m old.  Old enough to be shocked kids are growing.)

It was an absolutely wonderful day and Alice had a great time making a rainbow painting, and making a rainbow sand bottle, and painting my face.

You’re thinking, “Can a 2-year-old do a good job painting a face?”

I have the answer for you in picture form below.

And I think Matilda had a great day with her friends.  She played hard the whole day.

LOVE that big girl!

We’re so happy we could be part of her special day.

Birthday girl!

Mommy and Alice.  We LOVE parties!

Rainbow food.

Alice and Grandma.

Serious artist.

And now for the face painting results…

Matilda painted “owl eyes” on my mom.  Alice was terrified.  She hated it.  When we got home and Daddy asked about the party, she said, “Grandma had scary eyes.”  Scarred for life!

The birthday girl painted this for me.  It started off as a flower, but ended up as a “Lion’s Paw.”  Because you know…that happens.

Alice painted my other cheek.  And chin.  And earring.  You like?  Hoping to start a trend!

LOVED the party!  LOVE the birthday girl!  LOVED this day!



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Alice’s First Haircut.

Alice has always gone with us when Tom gets his hair cut.

The last time he got his hair cut, she spent weeks afterward telling me she wanted her hair cut.

“I need my hair cut, Mommy!”

I’m not really trying to let her hair grow out or anything…

It’s just that it’s so pretty!  And cute!  And I don’t think about changing it too much.

But she said, “I want hair cut!” so when it was time for another cut for Tom, I signed Alice up.

She was excited.

And then Tom got called first.

And for some reason, for the first time since his first cut, he wanted nothing to do with it.

He wasn’t being bad, he was just kind of…whimpering?  Flinching? Acting TOTALLY WEIRD AND SCARY.

So then…Alice didn’t want to do it.

I asked Tom to please calm down (he did) and then I tried to convince her again.

It took a couple minutes, but then she decided she was ready.

She’d told me before she got there that she wanted the fire engine seat, and that’s exactly what she picked.

And then she just sat down there — and turned into a big girl.

Anything the stylist asked, she did.

“Alice? Can you please look down at you lap?”

Alice looked down at her lap.

“Alice? Can you please look straight ahead?”

Alice looked straight ahead.

She acted like she’d done it a million times.

She was SO proud of herself, you guys.

After it was over, she had the biggest grin!

She told everyone for days that she’d gotten it cut.

It’s lovely.

A couple days after her haircut, she accidentally got a teeny bit of her hair wrapped around a handheld fan.

So then I gave her a teeny, tiny second haircut.

She was proud of that one, too.






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So way back in June…

Seriously, where have I been?!

Y’all, I am just having way too much fun this summer!  I’m serious.

For some reason, I remember last summer as being kind of a pain.  I remember feeling like I needed stuff for us to do all the time, and it was exhausting.

Why did I think that?


This summer is great!  We’re doing stuff.  Then we’re not doing stuff.

And it’s all totally awesome and fun.

I love this summer!

Maybe because both my babies will be in preschool in the fall?  Maybe I really am enjoying every moment just like the strangers in the grocery store tell me to!

(Just kidding!  Some moments suck.)

But some moments — like finding a really cool puppet show to take the kids to — those moments are amazing!

I’m loving it.  All of it.  I kind of really, really don’t want it to end.

So as I was saying…

We’ve been doing stuff.  Stuff like…

photo (2)
Going to see a The Gingerbread Man puppet show at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.  It was AMAZING.  Seriously, I cannot say enough good things.  And it’s $5. Go.  (There are shows this week and next.)  Tom and Alice both had a blast!

Eating ALL THE BREAKFAST FOOD at the Waffle House.

Sliding with a smile.

Checking out bugs in the backyard.

Riding the zoo train with cousins.

Checking out the fish at the aquarium.

And waving hello to the divers.

Leaning our head on our brother after a long day.

Being Batman.

And making lovely messes.  And hugging.

It’s been the best of days, my friends.

I promise to try to add “blogging” to the list.

LOVE y’all, and hope you’re enjoying summer too!


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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.


Wish big, lovely girl.

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