The Stress Of The Kindergarten We Are Not Yet Attending.

kates phone 1-11-15 210

Tom will be in kindergarten next year.

The stress I’ve been feeling since January has begun is like…ridiculous.

I know it is.

But I can’t help it!

Because I have several problems with this fact.  Problems like…

1. I do not want Tom to be in kindergarten. I want him to be in little baby preschool forever and ever.  I want him to do crafts and pajama days and class parties and have fun and run around and be a itty bitty little forever and ever.  I want him to learn, of course I do, but for some reason I’m scared that school will be like…THE END OF FUN.

2. I’m a control freak.  Yes, Tom’s in school 5 days a week now.  Know how many days I am there?  All the time!  There are parties for every major (and minor) holiday.  There are school-wide events like Art in the Park and Field Day.  I am the room mom and the co-chair of the parent council for the whole school. I’M AT EVERYTHING.  I KNOW EVERYONE.  I’m scared that once he’s in actual kindergarten, I won’t be in charge. Because I’ll be new.  And, you know, NOT THE TEACHER.

3.  I’m reading a terrible book.  I accidentally started reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty the other day.  I had no idea what it was about, but I’d read The Husband’s Secret and liked it.  Know what Big Little Lies is about?  CRAZY KINDERGARTEN PARENTS.  Who act terrible and one of them is about to be murdered at a school event.  For real.  And now I am at panic level 998.

4.  I am anxious to know how Tom will be.  Will he sit in his desk?  Will he listen to his teacher?  Will he learn everything he needs to learn?  Or will he be running around, not listening and not learning?  What type of kindergartner will he be?!  I think Tom is awesome and smart.  Will his teacher think that?  PLEASE THINK THAT, FUTURE TEACHER!

5. I don’t know where we’ll be.  We may be moving to the other side of the city to be closer to family.  We’ve been slowly getting our house ready for listing. (We still have more to do, by the way.)  And us moving is dependent on a number of things, that I just don’t have any control over.  But what this means is — I can’t research every school in the area like the crazy mom I am.  I can sort of do it here, but I don’t really think we’ll be here.  And I can’t really research where we may move, because there are many choices on where we may move.  I’m surrounded by moms who are going to every open house there is, and I’m just kind of sitting here…BEING ANXIOUS.

Y’all are laughing at me, right?  Like…surely this is not a serious thing to worry over.

I’m worrying over kindergarten!

Sometimes, I realize I’m getting way too caught up in thinking about it.  And I really do laugh at myself.

And then other times I start thinking that picking the right kindergarten is the most important decision ever!

I want Tom to love school.  And have friends.  And have awesomely understanding teachers who love him.  And I just want all of that RIGHT NOW so I can quit stressing about it.

And by RIGHT NOW, I mean never, because as mentioned previously, I actually want him to be little forever.

Please?!  No?  Okay, FINE.

Hypothetically, how long would it take someone to be certified as a kindergarten teacher?!

(Asking for a friend.)


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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…


So the thing about our tree this year was that — it was the worst.

I have always wanted to go to a real Christmas tree farm with my family and take pictures and be cute — but every busy Christmas season, it always seems a whole lot easier to take our kids to the tent in the parking lot of Home Depot up the street — so that’s what we do.

Hey! It’s tradition for my kids now!

They love it.

“When are we going to Home Depot to pick out our tree?!” they begin asking around mid-July.

So the weekend after Thanksgiving, we took the kids to the Home Depot tent and picked the first tree we looked at.

(Mistake #1.)

Kevin assured me that we needed a tall tree.

I was sure that our ceilings were not that tall, but seeing as everything seems pretty tall to me, I took his word for it.

(Mistake #2.)

So then we got it home, and I immediately realized this tree…

Had a huge gaping hole in the side of it!

How did I not see that?!

Was it because I was watching my two children in the tent, making sure they didn’t leave the tent and pop right out into traffic?

Of course it was!!

I would NEVER pick a big hole-filled tree!

And when I say big…I mean BIG.

It was really fluffy.  Really wide.  Really tall.

Guess what our living room is not?

Any of those things!

(Especially fluffy.)

It scraped a line of tree-ish-ness guts across our ceiling before Kevin said, “I think I’ll have to cut the top off a bit.”

And then it hardly fit in our tree stand!

Whatever, I already hated it!

So as I’m trying to be Christmas-y and cheerful and fun, I’m secretly thinking there is a huge, ugly thing in my living room and it’s kind of…RUINING EVERYTHING…but you know, I’m hiding those feelings.

(Sort of.)

We got the ornaments out and let the kids decorate it.

And every ornament they put on, hit the floor.

Because not only was this tree FLUFFY, BIG, TALL AND HOLE-Y — it had limp branches.

Limp. Branches.

What the Christmas tree?!

You have one job!

The very first ornament Tom tried to put on there — was his one glass ornament.

The ornament he picked out for himself the previous year — and it hit the floor and shattered.


The kid was destroyed.  I had to tell him it was fine and we’d find another just like it and replace it, so not to worry!

(We didn’t.  We forgot.  Ha!)

Anyway, putting the ornaments on this thing was a huge hassle.

The kids had a good time, though!


So that night we all looked at this big, humongous, thing in our living room and talked about how awesome it was, because I’m all about being a total liar.

I’d bad-mouthed that tree all day, and couldn’t wait to get away from it!

We put the kids to bed, and then Kevin and I headed downstairs.

And 30 minutes later, we heard a scary, loud crash that could only be one thing…


Are you serious with this, tree?!

We just DIED.

I mean, laughing hysterically dying.

I had been so mean about that tree all day, and totally deserved for it to tip over, and spill water and ornaments and lights everywhere.

No, really. I totally did.

And it was funny.

I mean, the Christmas season wore on, and I never really liked it.

In fact, it never even drank any of its water, so it dropped this crazy amount of needles and by Christmas looked pretty dead — but still!

It was our Christmas tree. And the kids thought it was great.

And on December 27th, I took it down while Kevin was still sleeping, and after he’d been awake for approximately 7 minutes, I made him take it out back and burn it.

And although it wasn’t very good at anything else — it was spectacular at burning up.

And I love a good smelling fire.

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We had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a wonderful FOUR DAYS of Christmas, really!

We headed down to my hometown to do Christmas with my parents and my sister and her family.

The next day we celebrated with my extended family.

Then we celebrated with Kevin’s family.

And then Santa came.

We were tired.  We were happy.  We are very, very loved.

It was a wonderfully beautiful week!

Here’s what Christmas morning looked like at our house:












Tom loves his new Power Rangers toy!  Alice loves her little mermaid baby!  Kevin loves his Lego mug!

And I love my awesome, wonderful family.  SO MUCH!

Hope y’all  had a very Merry Christmas!  Much LOVE to you all. xoxo

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Atlanta Botanical Garden.


A couple weeks ago, I asked my friend, Keri, if she wanted to meet us at the Atlanta Botanical Garden for their Garden Lights thing — which we’d never done before.

It was spectacular.

For real.

I am so, SO glad we did it.

I so, SO wish Alice had taken a nap that day.

But I’m still so, SO glad we did it!

The entire gardens are decorated with lights — there are tons and tons.  There are carolers singing to you in the tunnel.  There are snowflake lights hanging from the trees.  There are Christmas trees, and model train sets, and magnetic snowmen to decorate.  It’s just — spectacular.  Truly.

My pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice — I have no idea how to take nighttime photos!

But even in my dark, dark, fuzzy photos — I can see our smiles!

The frogs were a big hit.

I saw Tom doing this as I was walking toward him.  I had no idea what he was looking at.

He was looking at this — the tree lights reflecting in the water!  I don’t know that it would’ve occurred to me to look there, so I’m thrilled it occurred to him so I could see it.

DSC_0259 DSC_0252
Alice and her BFF, Maggie, are wearing matching shirts! Can you tell?  I wanted them to pose together, but napless Alice said “no” rather loudly and insistently — so I got this while they were wild dancing.  Those crazy dancers!  LOVE!

They had lots of really cool model train sets outside and Tom was in heaven.  He didn’t want to see anymore lights after this.  He just wanted this.  He wanted this for days.  He loved, LOVED it. The only way we got him to leave, was for me to record all of the different ones for him to watch at home. LOVED.

The big tree and Alice.

And then they had all these orbs set up on their main lawn to Christmas music!  Y’all?  I wanted to stay *here* all night.  Tom at the trains, and me right here.  It was really neat.  Here’s a little snippet I recorded.  The kids have watched this on my phone about a dozen times since.

It was a really great experience and I’m so happy we were able to go with friends!

Yay, Christmas!



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Is there anything better than making your kids look like reindeer while they sleep?

photo-10 photo-11

I think not.

Pillowcases from THIS Etsy seller.

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This year, I wasn’t able to take my kids to see Santa.

But Kevin did!!

My wonderful friends, Tony and Julie-Ann, again had Santa Claus himself come to their house, and then they took amazing pictures of our kids and sent them to us.

Aren’t they the best?!

(Yes, yes they are!)

Now, I set out their outfits the day before, and told Kevin to remember to brush their hair — and he did great!

I couldn’t be there because I left at 7 a.m. to drive through the pouring down rain, so then I could run in the rain.

Of course I did.


So back to the photos — I was nervous about not being there, but I needn’t have worried.

For the first time ever, Alice sat on Santa’s lap.

But not without help.

It seems that her big brother did everything he could to get her to laugh and smile and have a good time.

Ohmygoodness, he’s the best big brother.

He seriously is.

Kevin told me all this, but when I got the photos this morning, I could absolutely tell that’s exactly what happened.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that Tony captured all these photos — I feel like I was there!

(Thank you, thank you!)

Want to see the story unfold for yourselves?  Because it’s the best.









Sweet, right?

Kevin said that Tom asked Santa for a “Power Rangers combiner,” and that Alice asked for “a big present and a little present.”

I’m pretty positive Santa will be able to deliver on those requests, sweet ones.


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Christmas So Far.

It’s December 5th, which means we’ve been getting ready for Christmas around here for a couple weeks!

I love, love, love this time of year with my babies.

It’s just THE. BEST.

They are so excited about every, single, little thing!  And it makes my crafty, party-throwing heart swell to be able to do all sorts of fun things with them during this time.


We’ve been having all sorts of fun already — here’s what it’s looked like:

Christmas craft day with friends!  There were snacks, crafts and friends — my favorite things!

105 108
We ran the Lanier Under the Lights 5K — which was running at night under the Christmas lights at Lake Lanier!  It was awesome! (And crazy cold that day!)

Tom’s Lionel train set was the first thing we set up — before Thanksgiving.  He’s been asking for it for about 9 months, so I was anxious to set it up, too! He LOVES it.  And he quickly built an entire town for it.  So, so, so happy!

I had a Christmas shopping day with my mom, sister and baby Hazel — who was the dream shopping partner.  She agreed with everything I picked out.

On a rainy weekend, I made this Pinterest project — it’s a Pottery Barn knock-off!  I guess PB was selling it for $130, but some clever person gave a tutorial for a $13 version, and that’s more my style so I tried it. ;)  I love it!

We met up with Tom’s buddy, Emma, who told him that she wanted to marry him.  He put his hand on his head and said, “Ugh!”  And she said, “Not right now!  When we’re bigger!”  When I brought it up to him the next day, he said, “I think I’m gonna hide when she’s grown-up-y.”

144 136 140 139
We rode The Pink Pig with Emma and her wonderful Mom!  So happy to keep this tradition alive!  We could do this over and over. Such a great day!

The kids looking all adorable decorating our Christmas tree!  More on this crazy tree later…

Our elf came back!  And he brought breakfast and advent calendars!  My favorite thing about this was that it was super easy — I had almost all of this already, the only thing I bought specifically for it was the doughnuts — and it looked impressive.  My favorite!  It was so cute and the kids just were bursting with joy.  It was awesome.

We’ve been having a blast, and cannot wait for more!

Happy Christmas-time, y’all!

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