Kevin’s Birthday.

Kevin’s birthday weekend was awesome.

(Says me.)

((I think he would say so, too.))

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We spent his actual birthday at home with pizza and brownies (birthday boy’s choice) and cupcakes (kids’ choice).

“He” opened his presents (the kids did) and then they went outside to play.

It was awesome and sweet and we loved it.

On Saturday we visited with Kevin’s family and it was wonderful.

The kids had a great time, the food was awesome, and the company was the best.

On Sunday, we went to an air show — since flying is a passion of Kevin’s.

It was my first time ever attending one – and it was great.

HOT, but great.

(Stop being hot, Georgia!)

We met up with one of Kevin’s friends there, and it was just the greatest day.

I’m so happy we were able to do it!

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Happy Birthday, my LOVE!!

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NOT Loving Preschool.

I need to tell you something:

Alice hates preschool.

I am shocked by this.  SHOCKED.

If you had asked me which of my kids would love preschool and which would hate it, I would tell you that Alice would love it, and Tom would hate it.

And you would think I don’t know my kids at all because the exact opposite is true.

Tom loves it.  LOVES.  Even though sometimes participating in the activities is hard for Tom to do (he thinks he has better ideas!) — he truly loves it.  He loves his teachers, friends and activities.  He’s just doing great.

Alice?  No.  Just no.

The first couple days were fine.

(She goes twice a week.)

But then they had this week-long fall break two weeks after school started, and it’s been downhill since then.

Her teachers are the same teachers Tom had for twos, so I know them pretty well.  And they know Alice pretty well because she has grown up in front of their eyes these past couple years.

Here’s the deal:  Alice loves the crafts and activities.  What she doesn’t like is downtime.  Or free play.  She doesn’t like that at all.

As soon as there is any type of break (like while the teachers set up for the next activity) she cries for me.

One day, her teacher made a deal with her — if she wouldn’t cry until lunch, she could get a sticker, and then she could cry.  Alice took that deal.  But didn’t cry at lunch because her teacher made that deal with her throughout the day and it worked!

So I felt like that was promising.

But it wasn’t, because after that day she was onto it and didn’t care about stickers or quietness so…boo.

Now she’s been steadily getting worse.

Thursday she cried so much and so long, they actually had to move her to the director’s office so she could color in there by herself (with the director, of course) because her crying for her mom makes the other kids cry for their moms.

Poor Alice!

When I ask her if she likes school, she says, “No.  I like Mommy.”

But if you ask her if she likes the crafts, her teachers, or her friends, she’ll say yes.

Now — Alice does not need to go to preschool this year.  She’s two.  It’s okay if she doesn’t go.   I don’t need her to go or anything, and I love having her home.  We only enrolled her because she’s been begging to go and we thought she would love it.

What I’m saying is — I don’t mind pulling her out.  Maybe she’s just not ready to be away from me, and that’s totally okay with me.

But the reason I haven’t pulled her out yet is because I was waiting to see if we consistently sent her (without a fall break, or a sickness kept her out one day) — if she would improve.

And I’m a little worried that if I pull her out this year, we’ll have to go through all of this again next year.

(Because I would really want her to go to threes.)

But I really don’t want her to hate preschool!  There’s nothing to hate!  It’s a fun, little school.  A short day.  With all the things she loves!

But if she doesn’t love it, I don’t want to send her.  So that’s where we are.

I’m pretty much ready to call it.  Kevin wants to give it another week, which I understand.

And even if we take Alice out, she’ll still be with me at every school event because I’m Tom’s room mom and the co-chair of the Parent Council (super room mom!) so…she’ll be there.  She just won’t be there.

We shall see.  Maybe this week will be different and she’ll be fine.

Or…maybe she’ll be a 2-year-old-preschool-dropout.

(Kidding!  She’ll just be homepreschooled.  That’s a thing, right?!)

Either way, I know for a fact, she’ll be awesome.


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Baby Hazel.

On Friday, October 3 — my newest niece, Hazel Rose, was born.

Rachel called me that morning to tell me that it would be Hazel’s BIRTH-day, so I asked Kevin if he could watch our kiddos while I went to hang with Rachel and my parents at the hospital.

I am so happy that I could be there.

It’s one of my most favorite things about being a sister.

My sister is a total rock star (duh) and she did amazing and Hazel Rose is just…perfect.

I’m so happy she’s here.

(Hey, Hazel!  I LOVE you!!)

Here’s how Hazel’s BIRTHday looked!

My nephew and I got to pick up the big sister from school that day.  She was so surprised to see me there — and totally knew what it meant!  She talked to me the entire way to the hospital.  She was beyond excited!

I took one last family of FOUR photo.

Matilda wrote notes in the waiting room.  Including, “I think Hazel is coming today.”  She thought right.

I walked the halls with Rachel for a little bit. And then I made Rachel pose for this picture when she was in between contractions, because that’s what mean older sisters are for.

And then I waited in the hallway just outside her room. And I heard Hazel’s first cries.  And I cried.  And it was neat and amazing.

And then I met Hazel.  She was about 20 minutes old and just awesome already.

The next day I couldn’t wait to see a picture of the bigs meeting the littlest for the first time.  I’m in love with this!

Six days later, I was back to hold Hazel, and this time I brought Alice.  Alice LOVES baby Hazel.  LOVES.

It’s been a great time.  I love baby Hazel.  And I love my sister and her wonderful family.

I’m so happy their family is complete and everyone is happy and healthy.



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Happy October.

photo-9 (5)

“I’m so happy I live in a world where there are Octobers.” –Anne of Green Gables

My favorite month is here!

Looking forward to: welcoming my new baby niece to the world, Kevin’s birthday, visiting my parents’ farm, going to the Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival, and Halloween!

I’m sure I’ll sneak a couple other things in there, too.

(Like…throwing leaves on my head!)

Happy October, y’all!

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Chasing Shadows.

photo-15 (3)

photo-14 (3)

photo-13 (3)

photo-12 (3)

photo-11 (3)

photo-10 (3)

photo-9 (4)

I think an important thing to remember about childhood is that chasing and playing with your shadow is the best ever.

No money needed.

Happiness required.

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

photo-9 (3)

“Don’t go in the road, Alice.”

“I’m not.”

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Corn Maze.


We visited the Athens Corn Maze yesterday with my sister and her kids and it was so much fun!

Do you think I will ever get tired of doing fall activities?

No, I don’t think so either.

So the Athens Corn Maze has…a corn maze (!), a hay ride, a corn box, a person dressed up as corn who Alice loved, a “tunnel”, and horse and pony rides.

All of that equaled hours of fun for our crew.

Corn box!

I tried really hard to get a photo of all four kids.  So I said, “How about you all lay down in the corn together?”  And this is what I got!  Not quite what I was envisioning, but I love it nonetheless. Thanks, guys!

Hay, Tom.

Yep!  She looks like she belongs on the farm!

Kevin taught Matilda how to read a map.  She did awesome!  She is better at it than me! (That’s a low bar, but I’m sure she’s also better at it than decent map readers.)

Little corn mazers.  With a big corn mazer.

Well, I mean, we had to stop and take our picture in the corn maze!

Cousin friends.  They played hard together the entire day.  All day.

Alice and her corn person!  She loved her.  Like… a lot.

All the kids after the corn maze!  What?  You don’t see the boys?  Umm…yeah, they’re hiding from the corn person behind the painting.  Duh.

During the hay ride, the boys were most interested in the tractor.  The tractor driver had a microphone, but only used it once to say, “I remember riding horses on this farm when I was a boy.”  The End.

Alice: “Hey, cows. My name is Alice. How are you today?  Love you. Okay, bye.”

This girl was NOT SCARED at all.  She couldn’t wait to ride her pony.  She practically took the reigns and left by herself.  Brave girl was so, so happy!  She cried when it was over.  And kept saying, “Don’t worry, horse.  I’ll be back tomorrow!”

Tom was nervous at first, but then totally got the hang of it!  He wanted me to hold his hand at first, but by the time we were heading back, he was riding without me.  And he was so happy and proud that he rode the big horse. He did awesome!


600 590 592 596
We’ll be back next year to see how they’ve grown!  Drink more milk, Kevin!

It was a blast!

And I was thrilled we got to do it with family.

Yay, fall!

Have a good week, LOVES!

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