Alice’s First Haircut.

Alice has always gone with us when Tom gets his hair cut.

The last time he got his hair cut, she spent weeks afterward telling me she wanted her hair cut.

“I need my hair cut, Mommy!”

I’m not really trying to let her hair grow out or anything…

It’s just that it’s so pretty!  And cute!  And I don’t think about changing it too much.

But she said, “I want hair cut!” so when it was time for another cut for Tom, I signed Alice up.

She was excited.

And then Tom got called first.

And for some reason, for the first time since his first cut, he wanted nothing to do with it.

He wasn’t being bad, he was just kind of…whimpering?  Flinching? Acting TOTALLY WEIRD AND SCARY.

So then…Alice didn’t want to do it.

I asked Tom to please calm down (he did) and then I tried to convince her again.

It took a couple minutes, but then she decided she was ready.

She’d told me before she got there that she wanted the fire engine seat, and that’s exactly what she picked.

And then she just sat down there — and turned into a big girl.

Anything the stylist asked, she did.

“Alice? Can you please look down at you lap?”

Alice looked down at her lap.

“Alice? Can you please look straight ahead?”

Alice looked straight ahead.

She acted like she’d done it a million times.

She was SO proud of herself, you guys.

After it was over, she had the biggest grin!

She told everyone for days that she’d gotten it cut.

It’s lovely.

A couple days after her haircut, she accidentally got a teeny bit of her hair wrapped around a handheld fan.

So then I gave her a teeny, tiny second haircut.

She was proud of that one, too.






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So way back in June…

Seriously, where have I been?!

Y’all, I am just having way too much fun this summer!  I’m serious.

For some reason, I remember last summer as being kind of a pain.  I remember feeling like I needed stuff for us to do all the time, and it was exhausting.

Why did I think that?


This summer is great!  We’re doing stuff.  Then we’re not doing stuff.

And it’s all totally awesome and fun.

I love this summer!

Maybe because both my babies will be in preschool in the fall?  Maybe I really am enjoying every moment just like the strangers in the grocery store tell me to!

(Just kidding!  Some moments suck.)

But some moments — like finding a really cool puppet show to take the kids to — those moments are amazing!

I’m loving it.  All of it.  I kind of really, really don’t want it to end.

So as I was saying…

We’ve been doing stuff.  Stuff like…

photo (2)
Going to see a The Gingerbread Man puppet show at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.  It was AMAZING.  Seriously, I cannot say enough good things.  And it’s $5. Go.  (There are shows this week and next.)  Tom and Alice both had a blast!

Eating ALL THE BREAKFAST FOOD at the Waffle House.

Sliding with a smile.

Checking out bugs in the backyard.

Riding the zoo train with cousins.

Checking out the fish at the aquarium.

And waving hello to the divers.

Leaning our head on our brother after a long day.

Being Batman.

And making lovely messes.  And hugging.

It’s been the best of days, my friends.

I promise to try to add “blogging” to the list.

LOVE y’all, and hope you’re enjoying summer too!


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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.


Wish big, lovely girl.

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Hey!  Want to have nightmares?!


Isn’t that like…the creepiest?!

I mean, she’s not creepy — but that look is!

She totally knows it, too.  She only does it to freak me out.

Because 5 seconds later…


That little goofball!

But she got a reaction out of me, and then everyone else at the table wanted to make a face and have a picture of it too.

And I’m so glad.

Because they’re hilarious.




LOVE you goofballs!


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Catching Fireflies.

I’m sure I caught fireflies at my own house all the time, but for some reason when I think of catching fireflies — I always remember doing it at my Grandma and PawPaw’s house.

Catching them in a jar with holes in the lid and then letting them go a short time later.

It’s one of my favorite summer memories.

Isn’t it funny what sticks with you?

Pretty much every night now, we’re outside catching fireflies.

Our kids are obsessed.  Using hands.  Using their nets.

Alice always wants to see them outside her window before bed, saying, “Night-night lightning bugs!”

I hope the memory of these days stick with me, too.












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Fire Station Birthday For Gus.

My sister had my nephew’s 3rd birthday party at the fire station!

It was such a blast!

And Tom, oh my goodness — he LOVED the firefighters.

Like, when he saw them standing in the corner while the games were going on, he whispered to me, “There is a fireman.  I’m gonna go say hey and show him my fire truck.”

(The fireman was impressed with the truck, obviously.)

Gus had a wonderful time, and it was so cute and fun!

The perfect little party!

Getting some sticker help from Grandma and great-Aunt Kathy.

Gus throwing “water” bean bags at the “fire.”



Birthday boy.

Fire truck happiness!

I took 20 pictures of this, and this is the best one?  Maybe?  I don’t know.  They’re all equal levels of awesome!

Alice loved the fire truck!  LOVED.

Gus and Tom are best friends.  For real.  And it’s the cutest ever and they pretty much end all events like this.

Happy Birthday, Gus!

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Superhero Sprint.


After we got back from the beach, I had a week to come up with a costume plan for Tom and I because we’d signed up to run the Superhero Sprint — a 5K that benefited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

My friend, Ximena, and her daughter, Emma, asked us to run it with them and Tom and I were so excited!

Tom had talked with me about my races before, so he was really excited to participate in this one with me.

And I couldn’t think of a better one, than one where we had to dress up as superheros!

Tom’s favorite superhero right now is Batman, so that was pretty much a no-brainer for him.

I thought I had Batman pajamas for him, but it turned out that he’d majorly outgrown them (oops!) so a quick trip to Wal-Mart remedied that and he was all set!

And since he was Batman, I had to be Robin, right?!

I decided to do a quick check on Etsy to see if anyone had made one, and they had, and it was for sale for $55.


So I bought 6 yards of on-sale tulle for $6, and a $4 tank top from Target and made it myself in an hour.


So easy and awesome and FUN and Tom thought it was the best thing EVER!

We had a blast.

He ran for about 2 minutes and then decided that sitting in his stroller was better and I ran the rest of the way like that — with a cheap-o umbrella stroller!

(I broke the wheel about halfway through, and am now the proud owner of a Craigslist-bought jogging stroller.  Go, me!)

Tom sat there with his cup of water and told me to go faster because people were beating us.

Silly, stinker!

I told him to look behind us instead of in front, and he seemed content that we were not last place.


We had so much fun!

It was a great day, with great friends for a great cause.

I am so happy we were able to do it, and I loved sharing it with Tom!

He was so thrilled to meet Spiderman and Wolverine after the run, and had a great time throwing rocks in the pond at Piedmont Park, and he got a Batman mask face-painted on and he just had the greatest time.

It was a really wonderful day, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

(Maybe with a little Batgirl sidekick next time?)






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