Lucky 7.

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Dear Kevin,

When we started dating, I realized immediately how lucky I was to have you as my love.  That feeling has only grown.  This past year especially, which turned out to be a rather difficult one for me, you have shown yourself to be more patient, kind, and thoughtful than I could’ve ever imagined.  (And I have a good imagination.)  You have truly gone above and beyond to help me and be there for me.  You truly are the best.  You are my best friend in the whole world.  The love of my life.  The most perfect father for our children. (One of which just had to be in this photo!) I love, LOVE, love you with everything I am.

Thank you for choosing me.

Happy Anniversary, my LOVE!

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The Color Run.

The best part about being crazy enough to train for a half marathon right out of the gate is that when you decide to do a 5k later, it seems so…short.

And it is the best!

My sweet friend, Sarah, asked me if I would like to join her in running The Color Run — which would be her first race and one that she’d been training for.

I couldn’t wait!

The Color Run is something I’d seen and thought I’d really like — and it was amazing.

My biggest fear after finishing the half in February, is that I wouldn’t run anymore and my work would be kind of…wasted.

I really liked following a plan and having a goal to look toward — an end game.

And honestly, that was beginning to happen.

I certainly wasn’t sticking to my previous training schedule, and I wasn’t making any time for it at all.

I am so thankful that Sarah asked me to do this with her and her friend, Cameron, because it has completely changed my thinking!

It was so fun!  And do-able!

And I know there are a lot of other fun races out there I’d like to try.

This was the kick I needed to get going and stick with it.  I’ve already picked out some other races I’d like to do this year, so I can keep having goals to reach.

Now, if you don’t know about The Color Run — this is a race that throughout the course they have people squirting colored powder at you.

Honestly Southerners, it felt like being doused with pollen.

It was so fun, and I couldn’t help but laugh every time (and get a mouthful of color).

Trying to explain what I was doing to Tom, was an adventure in itself.

Me: “This is a race where people will throw colors on me, so I’ll start off clean and then by the end of the race I’ll look like a rainbow.”

Tom: “Really?!  That sounds awesome, Mom!”

Me: “Right?  Yeah, that’s the theme of this race.  Other races have other themes.  Like…I want to do one at Christmas time that’s all about Christmas lights!”

Tom: “And people will throw Christmas lights at you?!”

Me: “Ummm…no…”

It was the best and I’d highly recommend it!

Sarah did a fantastic job, too, so there was happiness all around!




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Dear Tom,

About once a month, all through the fall and winter, you asked if it was warm enough to turn our sprinkler on.  It wasn’t.  Then one day last week, it was.  Barely.  The water from the sprinkler was terribly cold, but you insisted on stripping down anyway.  Every 5 minutes, I’d turn the sprinklers off so you could splash in the mud puddle it had created.  You loved that almost as much.  But it still wasn’t quite enough to simply splash in the puddle, you really wanted a bowl so you could scoop up the mud and pour it all over yourself.  And then — it was perfection.  I dare say: Everything you dreamed it would be.  You were really muddy, by the way.  And it was awesome.


P.S. The little girl below slipped and fell in it.  It was the squishiest fall I’d ever heard.  LOVE.


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Zoo Crazy.


Dear Alice,

When we went to the zoo last week with your BFF, Maggie, I didn’t realize it would be the busiest day ever.  Once we finally got parked, I was very, very scared it would be so crowded it wouldn’t be fun.  I shouldn’t have worried about that.  We just started at the end of the zoo and went to the playground first.  You liked that okay, but you saw the carousel from there — and you really wanted to try it.  (I think your love of Mary Poppins warmed you to the idea.)  You chose to ride on a bear.  You were so brave and had such a great time.  I believe it was your favorite part of the zoo.  Later in the day, you requested to see a tiger, but it was too crowded in that area, so I tried to placate you with baby lion cubs.  It worked.  You loved them and later told Daddy that they “payed” and “drank water.”  And you liked to talk about the “Mommy lion” a  lot too.  Your love of cats continues.  LOVE you so much, brave girl.  I loved our special girls day.  LOVED.




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My Birthday.


Dear Family,

Thank you for making my birthday so special.  I loved being home and having you, Mom and Dad, with me.  Thank you for my cake, Mom.  We’re still enjoying it.  One day I was on the phone and realized the cake was not where I had left it on the dining room table.  I started to look for it and finally found it — upside down in it’s container, with Tom standing on it eating leftover mac-and-cheese off the stove.  So…thanks!  Cake and a step stool — you’re so talented!  Thank you hubby, for being such a beefcake.  Thank you, Tom and Alice, for having such a wonderful day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.  I loved how happy you were.  Tom, you rode every ride you could, but you especially loved the bumper cars.  Such joy!  And Alice, you loved petting every “puppy dog” you saw. You are happy kids.  And that makes me so very thrilled.  Happy Birthday to me! LOVE you all!





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I have wonderful, beautiful, kind, smart, courageous people for friends.

It’s true.

Two of those amazing friends, Jen and Victoria, have started an amazing company called littleBLAST.

littleBLAST (Begin Learning About Science Together) — is a monthly box of themed math and science activities for parents and their preschoolers to work through together.

Or as Tom says — COOL EXPERIMENTS!

Now as interested I was in their product — not only because of our friendship, but because it sounded awesome — I was a little hesitant, since doing planned activities with Tom sometimes end before they begin.

He’s a little boy, and sometimes trying to keep his interest in even the coolest things is a difficult task.

But I was anxious to try it, and I am SO glad I did.

Tom LOVED it!

Y’all.  I am not exaggerating here.

He thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We had the Ice Blast – which was all about how ice crystals formed and how ice melted and formed.

DSC_0217 DSC_0219

Everything we needed to do all four activities (Tom: “Experiments!!”) was included in our box.

And I mean everything!

An ice cube tray, pencil, string, instructions, advice, explanations, salt, sugar, borax, paint!  This box had it all.

We followed the advice and started with the Crystal Snowflake activity first.

So cool!

We made our pipe cleaners into a snowflake, and Tom carefully lowered it into our mixture and we left it overnight.

DSC_0222 DSC_0233

He was so excited to see that his crystals had formed!  And so proud!

He immediately took it to show Daddy, and (of course!) wouldn’t let Alice touch it.  Ha!

Next up was Ice Tunnels.

(Spoiler Alert: His Absolute Favorite!)

We froze ice overnight in the supplied container, then added salt to it, and then added paint to see the newly melted ice tracks.

DSC_0596 DSC_0600 DSC_0605

DSC_0607 DSC_0608 DSC_0610

Cool, right?

Then we moved on to Which One Melts Ice Faster — which required us to spoon four different substances on some ice cubes and observe the changes.

Tom was so into this!

He kept saying, “The sugar melted it faster!  No, the salt was fastest!” He loved it and I was impressed with how into it he was.

DSC_0621 DSC_0623

And finally, we completed the Sticky Ice activity — which I loved!

(And the kids played with the bowl of ice water for about 30 minutes afterward.  Ha!)

DSC_0630 DSC_0632

We froze ice to a string, you guys!  My kids thought it was magic!

Tom and I had a really fun time doing all of the special “science experiments” together.

He loved them so much, and I loved how passionate he was about everything.

“Don’t touch that, Alice!  That’s my experiment!” –Tom

I loved that Tom was really engaged the entire time.

I loved that everything I needed to do all of this was in one box.

I loved that it had explanations that I could relay to Tom, and I loved that the cards gave other ideas of things we could do in addition to the planned activities.

See?  My friends *are* amazing and have thought of everything.

I am beyond impressed.

littleBLAST is the coolest!

(See what I did there?  Ice Blast. Coolest.  I’m so clever!)

Please check them out — you’ll be super impressed too.

Find them here:

littleBLAST website

littleBLAST blog

littleBLAST on Facebook

littleBLAST on Pinterest


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Alice’s {Favorite Things} 2nd Birthday Party.

This year I wanted to keep Alice’s birthday party pretty simple (for me).

Her party was a small affair of just family, and her three very best friends.

I decided to just make the party all about all the things Alice loves — pink and purple, cupcakes, cookies, hot dogs, play-doh, coloring and crafts.

And that was it!

It was a really fun day, and I’m so happy with how it all turned out.

(My only regret is that I somehow really messed up on time-management on this one!  I have no idea how I did that — but the party was pretty much ready to go and all set up about 20 minutes after it actually started.  Oops!  Thanks for helping me out, friends and family!)

Birthday girl.

Ready for a party!

Table for the littles.



Play-Doh, coloring and crafts in the playroom!

Personalized color pages for each guest, free from







Ice Cream princess!

She had a wonderful day and I was so happy with her sweet little party!

She laughed and smiled all day — you know, kind of like she does every day!

But I’m pretty sure her smile was a just a *little* bigger on this day.



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