Alice’s First Day Of Preschool.

Note: Alice and Tom were supposed to have the same first day of school — but Tom has an illness, and therefore hasn’t started yet.  I’m not leaving him out, I promise!  Hopefully his big day will be Monday.

Oh my goodness, y’all!

Alice started preschool yesterday, and I still can’t quite believe it.

She was so excited yesterday morning.

She was jumping up and down and happy.

And then I told her we needed to get dressed for school…

And she really didn’t want to do that.

She didn’t want a new diaper!  She didn’t want to get dressed!

She kept saying, “Not yet. In a minute.”

But for Alice yesterday, a minute meant forever.

So I pulled out the big guns — her new sparkly princess-y pink lunchbox.

It was all packed and ready to go and she was THRILLED!

Got ready in a snap!

I took her outside and took some “First Day of School” pictures and then we were off.


She ran to the car, and jumped right in.

When we got to her school she yelled, “There’s my school!  Big girl school!”

And she was so excited to hold my hand and walk inside.

And then I handed her to her teacher and she cried.

Big, sobbing, elephant tears!

I told her I loved her and then ran around the corner to cry myself.

(In front of all the new parents, because that’s how I like to meet people.)

I peeked in at her after a minute, and she had her little hands covering her little face crying. Still.

A minute after that, her teacher was holding her and comforting her, and I never heard her cry after that.

(And then I drove home and cried all the way.  I can’t help it!)

My friend, who is a teacher at the school and helped out with Alice’s class after I left, sent me this halfway through the day…


And when I picked her up, she wasn’t even looking for me.  She was playing with the other kids!

And when she saw me, she broke out into a full run and said, “Mommy!!” 

Happiest moment ever.

(And then I started to walk away with her and she said, “My lunchbox and bag!”  Alice already knows how school works better than me.)

I asked her how her day went, and she said it was fun and she played with new friends and necklaces and babies.

Sounds awesome, right?

She was starving when she got home and ate what she hadn’t eaten of her school lunch once we got home.

And I just kept looking at her like she’d been gone a month.

I am so proud of my brave girl.

I knew she would do well, because she loves everything school is already.

But to see my little girl have such big smiles on her first day, and to tell me how fun it was — well, it was the best.

I know she’s going to have a great year, and I’m so thankful.

The traditional “enjoy a spoonful of peanut butter” celebration after a successful first day! ;)


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Love And Summer.

Our summer break is almost over.


Tom will start Pre-K (!!!), and Alice will start preschool (2 days a week) — and also (!!!) — on Thursday.

Oh my goodness you guys, I’m kind of freaking out!

Tom and Alice will be at the same small school Tom has been attending.

But this will be the first year Tom goes all 5 days a week.

And this will be the first time Alice has ever been away from me.


I’m excited for them, because I know they are both ready and will do great.

But I just can’t imagine our new schedule yet.  You know?

So what should I do?

I know!  Let’s talk about how awesome this summer has been!

I still love Instagram and I’ve been trying to tag everything with #loveandsummer.

It’s so neat to see all the daily, fun, summery things we’ve doing!

This has been one of my favorite summers yet!  We’ve gotten to see family, and friends!  We’ve gone to the aquarium and zoo a few times! We’ve eaten ice cream, swam at the pool all day, and played with the hose in our backyard!  It’s just been…the best of days.

I’m so glad we’ve had them together.

Sidewalk chalk painting!

photo-1 (2)
Splash park at Zoo Atlanta.

Alice designed her own paper dress.

Our sweet friends, Keri and Maggie, have taken us along to Fernbank Museum a couple times — so great!

This is Alice ready to go to the grocery store with me. (Mermaid in the backpack…obviously!)

Ice cream shop stop.

Went to the beach and swimming at Fort Yargo State Park with Rachel and kids.  Super fun day!  (Alice was “cold.”)

We met our buddies at the mall for a fun day of shoving-them-in-the-cubbies-at-Gymboree-so-the-moms-could-shop-a-sale.

We celebrated at birthday parties with friends with choke-holds.

The person in front of me at Starbucks bought my drink!  They were the first ones to do it that day, and I felt super special and paid it forward.  So fun!

Alice had  a tea party and storytime with her friends.

Tom and I.

Grandma took us to see The Little Mermaid Jr. production at Theatre Macon.  Alice LOVED it!  Huge hit.

She spent the whole summer looking gorgeous.

Hope y’all have had/are having a great summer too!

Much LOVEandSUMMER to you!

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We Were On A Boat.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Cindy invited us out onto her boat with her family one Saturday evening.

We had THE BEST time!

I know this is weird, but I’d never done this.

The whole boat on a lake thing…never.

(I don’t know why!  It’s like I actively avoided it accidentally.  Is that possible?  It is!)

So anyway, it was the most perfect summer night and my kids haven’t stopped talking about it since.

Tom and Everett were like two peas in a pod the whole time, and Alice acted like she’s been on boats since birth.

It was a blast!

Thanks Cindy and family!  We’re so thankful you took us out!

Tom was nervous to get on the tube with Daddy.  But then Alice said she wanted to do it, so Tom hopped right in and had a great time!  Gotta love that sibling rivalry.

Alice smiled the whole time.


Cindy safe in the float Alice insisted on bringing.


Little captain.

Learning to drive.




It was one of our favorite summer memories for sure.



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Shark Poop.

In the car today, on the way to Tom’s swim lessons, their conversation went something like this…

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a penguin!”

Tom: “Ha ha ha ha!”

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a fish!”

Tom: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a dolphin!”

Tom: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Alice: “I’m gonna poop on a shark!”

Tom (dead serious):  “That would be really dangerous, Alice.”


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Celebrating Baby Hazel.

Have I mentioned that my sister is expecting her third baby at the end of September?

She is.

Did I tell you that it’s a girl?

It is.

Did I tell you that Rachel is going to name the sweet baby Hazel?

She is.

Now you’re all caught up!

Instead of a traditional baby shower, Rachel wanted a girls getaway.

So I asked my aunt Carolyn if we could come visit her at her house in the NC mountains, and she awesomely said yes.

(My favorite place in the world!!  Seriously.)

It was wonderful.

My aunt and uncle are the most perfect hosts.

And spending time with them, Rachel, my mom, and my sister’s best friend, Quyen, was the greatest part of all.

I think I will always remember how perfect it was.

And I think Rachel will too.

I take this photo — the view from their porch — every time I visit.  I just love it so very much.

Rachel and Quyen chatting on the porch.  (It was wonderfully cool while we were there!)

Wild berries found on a mountain hike.


She said she didn’t want any presents, so we all got her something anyway.





Lots of long, uninterrupted conversation took place…



It was wonderful.  I ate my weight in cheesestraws, bought a little pottery from two hippie sisters, visited the cutest chocolate shop in the world, and when I wasn’t talking with one of my favorite women, I was silent.

It was lovely, and I’m so happy we were able to all get together to celebrate the amazing mama that is my sister.

I cannot wait to meet my newest niece!

Hope she’s ready for all the baby-head-sniffing that will be taking place.


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July 4th.

For July 4th this year we were supposed to go to my sister’s house to celebrate.

But the day before, Tom was diagnosed with strep throat.

And so we stayed home.

Luckily, Tom was feeling much better after starting his antibiotic, so the day was simply wonderful.

I was sad to miss the time with Rachel and co. — but it was still amazingly great.

I just went out that morning and bought some little things from Dollar Tree, and bought some fireworks for that night, and we were set!

We played outside.  We grilled out.  We ate popsicles and ice cream. And it was the best.

Really, just a good, happy, summer day!

I had cute red, white and blue outfits for them to wear, I swear!  But Alice wanted to wear one of Tom’s shirts.  And Tom wanted to wear his VBS shirt.  And they’re the cutest ever.

Sparklers!  (Tom calls them “sprinklers” sometimes on accident.)

Oh. My. Cutes.

Happy with Daddy!

Waiting for our magnificent fireworks show!!


Umm…my kids have never seen actual fireworks.  They thought it was AMAZING!

(And that’s because it was!)

Hope y’all had a wonderful July 4th too!

(And I hope you’re having a lovely July 25th today.  Ha!)

Slacker blogger


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Matilda’s 5th Birthday.

My niece, Matilda, is FIVE.

Y’all, it’s been a month and I still can’t believe it.

And all at the same time, I can.

Because that smart girl has seemed five for a couple years.

But now she actually is, and to celebrate my sister and brother-in-law threw her a rainbow art party.

It was so much fun!

Alice and I went to Matilda’s party, while Tom and Daddy headed over to my nephew’s 10th birthday party that was held on the same day.

(My nephew is TEN?!  Also?  I’m old.  Old enough to be shocked kids are growing.)

It was an absolutely wonderful day and Alice had a great time making a rainbow painting, and making a rainbow sand bottle, and painting my face.

You’re thinking, “Can a 2-year-old do a good job painting a face?”

I have the answer for you in picture form below.

And I think Matilda had a great day with her friends.  She played hard the whole day.

LOVE that big girl!

We’re so happy we could be part of her special day.

Birthday girl!

Mommy and Alice.  We LOVE parties!

Rainbow food.

Alice and Grandma.

Serious artist.

And now for the face painting results…

Matilda painted “owl eyes” on my mom.  Alice was terrified.  She hated it.  When we got home and Daddy asked about the party, she said, “Grandma had scary eyes.”  Scarred for life!

The birthday girl painted this for me.  It started off as a flower, but ended up as a “Lion’s Paw.”  Because you know…that happens.

Alice painted my other cheek.  And chin.  And earring.  You like?  Hoping to start a trend!

LOVED the party!  LOVE the birthday girl!  LOVED this day!



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