Alice’s Best 7-Year-Old Quotes


This little LOVE is about to be EIGHT years old tomorrow!  I’m so excited for her, because she is so totally pumped about it.  It’s so super cute!  We can’t wait to celebrate her big day!

She is hilarious, sweet, kind, a super hard worker, creative, independent, and all the other good things!  We LOVE you so, little Ali Ever!

As per tradition, here are her most hilarious quotes as a 7-year-old from this past year!  In these you’ll find she gives the best compliments, but don’t wear out her niceness — she has her limits!

1. March 24, 2019

“This is one of my least favorite meals, but you did a good job making it!” — Alice (trying to soften the blow.

2. April 14, 2019

Me: “But you’re friends with her, right?”
Alice: “Yeah, I mean, if she was the last person on Earth I’d play with her.”

3. May 3, 2019

*playing HedBanz*
Alice: “Am I round?”
Me: “Yes!”
Alice: “Mashed potatoes!”

4. June 23, 2019

Alice (walking in on me watching Forensic Files): “I bet he’s going to have to go to prom.”
Me: “Prom?”
Alice: “Isn’t that what it’s called?  The room where the judge has the hammer?”
Me: “I think you mean, ‘court.'”
Alice: “Yes, court!”

5. June 26, 2019

“This is the best day I’ve had since I was born!”

(We went to the skating rink and Target.)

6. July 14, 2019

Me: “Do you want some of this cake I made?”
Alice: “No, because it tastes horrible!” *laughs*
Rachel (laughing): “Well, would you like this salmon salad I made?”
Alice: “Oh my gosh, no! I’d rather eat cake!”

7. July 26, 2019

Alice: “Frozen water is soooo yummy!”
Me: “Ice?”
Alice: “Yeah.”

8. August 5, 2019

“Oh my gosh, you should get that shirt.  It looks good on you, and you look 36!” — Alice

9. August 12, 2019

Alice: “I love Tom because he’s getting old.  I feel bad because he’s gonna die.”
Me: “Oh my gosh, not anytime soon!”
Alice: “I bet before me, though.”

10. August 24, 2019

Me: “Do you want to play Uno?”
Alice: “As long as I win every game we play!”

11. October 1, 2019

Alice (assessing dinner):  “I give the meatballs an 8 out of 10, and the broccoli a 1 out of 10.”

12. November 11, 2019

Alice: “Can I do some chores when I get home from school?”
Me (surprised): “Umm, of course! Are you trying to earn money for something?”
Alice: “No, I just want to make sure I’m on Santa’s Nice List. I’m really worried!”

13. November 21, 2019

Me: “You should be nice to your brother.  I thought you were all worried about being on the ‘Nice List.'”
Alice: “I am nice. But I was being too nice, so I needed to take a break.”

14. February 8, 2020

“I want to pick a new favorite color, but I don’t know which one to like!” –Alice


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Tom’s 10th (Jurassic Park-themed) Birthday Party!

Can you believe this dude is 10?!

Me neither!

He totally knew what he wanted for his party – JURASSIC PARK! (Not Jurassic World. “I don’t like made up dinosaurs, I like real ones!”)

A month ago, he made a Jurassic Park-themed centerpiece for his future party’s treat table, and he had all sorts of plans, and made dinosaur scenes out of cardboard boxes to put around the house. So cute!

He invited friends from school this year for the first time, and it was amazing. It was obvious his friends adore him, and it was so fun to see them all playing together.

It was the best party, and it was all Tom. LOVE this sweet little party planner!

Trampoline boxes put to good use + the troop’s Girl Scout cookies I had to pick up that morning = our grand entrance!

Tom’s centerpiece.

Alice helped me make the excavation kits.

Ice cream sundae bar!

We had a fun obstacle course that I got no pictures of, but it was a hit!

Best boy, best day!

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Tom’s Best 9-Year-Old Quotes.


This child is kind, thoughtful, creative, interesting, funny, happy, loving, and absolutely hilarious.

Tom will be TEN YEARS OLD tomorrow.  Guys, do you remember when I was regularly blogging?  And it was all about the baby/toddler/little kid years?  And that it doesn’t seem that very long ago?

I’m actually having a bit of a hard time with him turning 10. I mean, I’m so, SO thankful he’s turning 10!  (I’ve kept him going for 10 years!  Woo!)  But, but…10 is double digits!  And HE’S GONNA LEAVE ME SOON!

(Kevin constantly points out college is still very far away, but when he was little I thought 10 was very far away, so what does he know?!)

Anyway!  What I’m saying is that my sweet, baby boy will be 10 years old tomorrow.  He’s been an amazing 9-year-old, and I cannot wait to see what 10-year-old Tom is like.  I’m assuming he’ll still be pretty funny.

Tom makes me laugh ALL the time, but sometimes I have time to document it — and that’s what we’ve got today! Without further ado, I give you…(booming announcer voice): TOM’S BEST 9-YEAR-OLD QUOTES!

1. March 24, 2019
Tom (to a new friend): “I used to live in Atlanta.”
Friend: “Seriously?!”
Tom (nonchalantly): “Yeah. On Douglas Drive.

2. April 19, 2019
Tom (yelling at Alice): “Droids don’t poo!! They don’t have poo holes!”

3. May 12, 2019
“Oh, thank you! I love my presents! (Looks to Kevin) And thank you too, you know, in case you had anything to do with it.”
Tom: “He bought it!”
Me: “Oh yeah? I thought maybe y’all had bought it with your own money.”
Tom: “No way would we ever do that!” #mothersday

4. June 5, 2019
Me: “How was camp?”
Tom: “Oh it’s good, except for the kid who keeps trying to bite our arms, and Merlin, who is IMPATIENT!” #soundsgreat

5. June 8, 2019
“All Marathon gas stations smell like moldy cokes.” –Tom

6. June 18, 2019
Me: “I woke up and my calf muscle was hurting. So weird. I have no idea what caused it.”
Tom: “You’re just old, that’s what happened.” #9yotruthbomb

7. June 18, 2019 (again)
Me: “So, what did you think of dinner? Is it something I should make again?”
Tom: “Well…if I was starving to death I would eat it again.”

8. August 6, 2019
Me: “You have to take a bath tonight because you have school tomorrow.”
Tom: “A bath?!  But I took one a week ago!”

9. August 13, 2019
Alice: “I need to tell you something romance-related.”
Tom: “Ooookay…”
Alice: “Peyton told me today that his brother wants to make out on me.”
Tom: “Ew! I bet he draws pictures of you kissing at his house!”

10. October 21, 2019
Me (Monday morning): “Time to brush teeth!”
*Tom jumps up and runs to go brush.*
Me: “I love how excited you are!”
Tom: “I’m not excited. I’m just trying to get this whole day over with.”

11. November 11, 2019
*helping him study for a test*
Me: “Who said, ‘Give me liberty or give me death?'”
Tom: “Patrick Swayze!”

12. January 24, 2020
“The gag is like throw-up’s cousin.” –Tom

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Alice’s Best 6-Year-Old Quotes!


This little punky is going to be SEVEN YEARS OLD tomorrow!!  Can you believe that?!

She is full of joy, and laughter, and spunk and we just love her to pieces.  She is a teeney, little, hilarious, wannabe teenager!

And if you need someone to yell at Alexa for you, she’s your girl.

Without further ado, here are Alice’s best quotes from the past year!  I can’t wait to hear what she says as a 7-year-old.

1. March 21, 2018
“If Tom watches too much YouTube, he’ll turn into a potato couch.” –Alice

2. May 5, 2018
Alice: “Can you get the scorpion down?”
Me: “What?! Where?”
Alice: “Right there, on top of the cabinet. It makes music.”
Me: “You mean this accordion?”
Alice: “Yep!”

3. May 25, 2018
Me: “Hey! How are you doing?”
Alice: “Ugh! Why are you always asking me that?!”

4. June 28, 2018
Alice (to Tom): “You’re so typical!”
Tom: “What does that mean?”
Alice: “I don’t know. I heard it on TV.”

5. August 6, 2018
Me (hearing a lot of giggling): “What are y’all talking about?”
Alice: “Oh, we’re just talking about heads. And brains. And walnuts!”

6. September 1, 2018
Tom: “Mom! Why did you buy her that? You know what happens when you buy her clothes!”
Me: “She doesn’t ever like it?”
Alice: “Sometimes I do. But it’s veeeeery rare.”

7. September 29, 2018
Alice: “You can’t pass until you say the code!”
Tom (glumly): “Alice is the best.”
Alice: “No. It’s 0-0-0-1.”

8. November 22, 2018
“I know what happens, but don’t worry, I won’t tell you and spoil the beans.” -Alice

9. November 26, 2018
“Could ‘Gurglebutt’ be someone’s last name?” -Alice

10. February 23, 2019
Me: “You didn’t like the sandwich I made you?”
Alice: “No. (pause, then nonchalantly…) I’d rather eat dirt.”

11. March 6, 2019
Alice: “ALEXA, STOP!!!”
Kevin: “Maybe don’t scream at Alexa. Just talk normally.”
Alice: “But I hate her. She’s the worst.”

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Tom’s Best 8-Year-Old Quotes!


When I sat down to gather all of Tom’s 8-year-old quotes, I thought, “I hope I have some…maybe as kids get older they don’t say as many funny things?”  And I have a terrible (TERRIBLE) memory, so I couldn’t even remember if I’d managed to write down enough throughout this year.  And then I checked…

Oh my gosh, y’all!  As kids get older, are they not as funny?  NOPE!  Still hilarious!  At least, that’s what me and my battle-ready legs think!

So here’s Tom, in all of his 8-year-old glory.  Today is the LAST DAY HE WILL BE EIGHT!  Can you believe that?!  Me neither.  Happy last 8-year-old day, Tom!  Hope you don’t mind everyone now knows you watched an episode of My Little Pony once. xo

1. February 17, 2018

Tom (just coming into the room): “Hey, Mom?”
Me: “Yeah?”
Tom: “I have to go potty, but I do love you, so when I’m done I’m gonna give you a hug.”

2. February 26, 2018

“When I grow up, I’m probably going to have a lot of arguments with girls because they might say they love me, but I’m not a huge fan of them. I just want to say ‘Hi.'” –Tom

3. March 3, 2018

Tom: “I just got hit in the nose!”
Me: “Are you ok?”
Tom: “Yeah, but will you tell me if it starts bleeding all over my face?” #willdo

4. March 14, 2018

Alice: “Do you want to watch My Little Pony after this?”
Tom: “Yes, but don’t tell ANYONE.”

5. March 15, 2018

“Mom, guess what? I just peed outside and then Finn drank it! Isn’t that funny?!” –Tom

6. March 30, 2018

Alice: “When I die, I want to be buried at my favorite place.”
Tom: “CatchAir?!” #buriedatthebouncyhouseplace

7. May 5, 2018

Me (after Tom has asked a thousand questions): “Oh my goodness, it’s hard being your mom today!”
Tom: “Well, life is hard sometimes, Mom.” #lifelessons

8. May 12, 2018

Alice: “Thomas, do you want a kiss?”
Tom: “No, thanks.” *keeps swimming* #politerejection

9. June 6, 2018

“Mom, you are really, really good at making Kool-aid! The best!” —Tom

10. August 6, 2018

Tom: “I’m cleaning the living room, bc Dad promised us a toy.”
Me: “Oh. I hoped you were doing it out of the kindness of your heart.”
Tom: “I am! Well, it’s half for the toy, and half for the heart thing.”

11. September 3, 2018

Me (after reading a sweet note from Alice): “Awww…thank you! I will keep this forever!” Tom: “You should put it on your grave.”

12. November 9, 2018

“I’m gonna ask Emmy out on a date. But I think I’ll wait until high school to do it, because that’s more reasonable. I mean, by then I’ll be more growner-upper.” —Tom

13. November 12, 2018

“Is there a breath mint for dogs? Because Finn’s breath smells like…horrible dead flies.” -Tom

14. December 8, 2018

Tom (seriously): “Mom, the hair on your legs is so spiky. It would be great to use during a battle.”

15. January 13, 2019

Me: “So you yelled at her?”
Tom: “No. I tried to talk to her in a calm voice, but then it accidentally got high-pitched.” #futureattorney

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Alice’s 6th Paris-Themed Birthday Party!


Alice has been obsessed with Paris FOR-EV-ER!  Back at our old house, we passed a cell phone tower on our way to school, and as a toddler she always pointed at it and said, “Paris!”  Lately, when we do our hikes that take us to beautiful long-range views, she always spots some kind of tower in the distance, and asks if it’s the Eiffel Tower.  We talk about going to Paris together someday all the time.  And when I ask her what she wants to do there, she’s very clear that she wants to, “See the Eiffel Tower, and eat macaroons and other desserts at a table on the sidewalk.”

Sounds pretty good, right?!  So it was easy to plan a Paris party for our girl’s 6th birthday!

She had a lot of ideas, and they were all so cute. I make the kids their new age number out of poster board for every birthday and then decorate it to match their theme.  So I had ideas for Alice, but she had ideas all her own!  She decorated her number 6 all by herself!  When I asked what she was painting on her number, she said, “Macaroons, of course!”  And then she said she used a lot of gray paint because, “the Eiffel Tower is gray.”

Her party was fairly small — just family and one friend from our old neighborhood — and we had the absolute best time!

Most importantly, Alice just loved her special day!  So happy we could celebrate our littlest turning SIX!  Happy Birthday, Alice!













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Alice’s Most Hilarious 5-Year-Old Quotes.


This past year with Alice has been hysterical. She is seriously the funniest little thing, and I just adore the way her mind works.  Tomorrow, she will be SIX!  I can hardly believe it.  And although I know 6-year-old Alice will be just as funny, I sure will miss 5-year-old Alice, because she has been a hoot!

So here are the best things 5-year-old Alice said in the past year!  You will learn about her love for Bob Ross, her completely honest dinner prayers, and her irritation with the English language — and really, what more could you want from your Monday?!

LOVE our happy, silly girl!

1.April 7, 2017
Alice: “Daddy, I love you 148!”
Kevin: “Yeah? Well I love you 149.”
Alice: “Ugh!”

2. April 21, 20178
Alice: “Mom, do you live safely?”
Me: “Um…well, I guess so.”
Alice: “Oh, then we’re different because I like to live dangerously.”

3. April 27, 2017
“When I’m 13 can I be the mom?” -Alice

4. May 4, 2017
“Hey, Mom! Guess what? I fell in love with Seth today.” –Alice

5. June 9, 2017
Alice: “I want to ride my bike to the moon.”
Me: “The moon?”
Alice: “Not the one in outer space, the one at the end of the street.”

6. June 24, 2017
Me: “What are you watching?”
Alice: “Bob Ross. He’s a really good painter.”

7. July 14, 2017
“You wanna watch the Belle movie with the lights off, and eat cupcakes?” -Alice

8. August 26, 2017
Me: “Mosquitoes love me because I’m so sweet!”
Alice: “And ants love me because I’m so awesome!”

9. August 29, 2017
Alice (praying before dinner): “Dear Jesus, thank you for giving us this food, so we don’t starve to death. Amen.”

10. August 31, 2017
Alice: “I think Dalton likes me.”
Me: “Why do you think that?”
Alice: “Because he asked for my phone number, but I told him I didn’t know it.”

11. September 19, 2017
Alice: “I already got hurt in my backyard earlier.”
Boy: “By a raccoon?”
Alice: “What?! No! Just falling down.”

12. November 30, 2017
Me: “You have your field trip to see the play today! Are you excited?”
Alice: “I’m kind of scared.”
Me: “Why?”
Alice: “I’m scared I won’t know when to clap.”

13. December 10, 2017
*I’ve just walked in the door after running an errand solo.*
Alice: “Tom cut himself with a knife while you were gone, but don’t worry, he’s still alive and everything.”

14. December 10, 2017
Me: “Now remember, don’t tell him what his present is.”
Alice: “OK! Tom, this present is yours, but you can’t open it until Christmas.”
Tom: “What is it?”
Alice: “I can’t tell you, but it’s some type of Transformer.”

15. December 18, 2017
Alice (while eating lunch): “I really want this chicken to be made out of steak.”

16. December 26, 2017
Alice: “I love you, Mama, and I think you’re the most beautiful mom in the world! (Looks at me longer.) No matter what you wear.”

17. January 16, 2018
Alice (excitedly): “My nose bled at school today, and even the FIRST graders were talking about it!”

18. January 19, 2018
Alice (hugging my dad): “I love you, PawPaw! But you’re going to be dead by the time I grow up.” #morbidgirl

19. January 28, 2018
Alice: “Pot haircuts are hideous.”
Me: “Pot haircuts? You mean bowl cuts?”
Alice: “Yes!”

20. February 10, 2018
“I don’t think it’s right that a letter can make more than one sound. JUST MAKE ONE SOUND, LETTERS!” -Alice (while practicing sight words)

21. March 1, 2018
Alice: “Is it OK if I do whatever I want?”
Me: “Um…what?”
Alice (scoffing): “I mean not pierce my ears or drive, but can I move stuff around in my room?”


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The Dump Dog.


This weekend, we took home a mange-y dog we found at the dump.

How did this happen?  I’m so glad you asked!

We spent the weekend at my parents’ farm in Eastman, and on our way out of town (and on our way to hike a trail in Macon), we stopped by the dump to drop off our trash.

Now, we stop by this dump every time we’re in town to do this exact thing.  And I am telling you the truth when I say we have never, ever, ever seen a dog there.  This is not a place where dogs are hanging out all the time or anything.

But on Sunday, this dog was there.

He obviously had mange.  But he also obviously was…sweet.  He walked right up to us.  He wasn’t terribly scared of us. He wasn’t mean.

He was just…alone.  At the dump.

And it turns out — for me — when I see a mange-y pup at the dump, I pick it up and put it in my car.

When I did that, Alice cried literal tears of joy.  She’s been begging for a puppy for a year, and the fact that I picked up this gross-looking one from the trash didn’t matter to her.  To her, it was a puppy!  And it was ours!

I told the kids not to get attached, because we didn’t know how bad off he was, or what his deal was.  And that all I could truly promise them was that we would make sure he was safe and taken care of.

They said okay.

And then they named him Finn.

And instead of stopping at our planned Macon hike, we just drove him straight to the UGA Emergency Vet Clinic, where they told us he was okay for us to take home and take to our vet the next morning when they opened.

So Kevin set him up in our shed that night, in a comfy dog bed, next to a space heater.

He was scared.  And he wouldn’t eat the food we set out for him.  But he stayed there in that bed all night.

And on Monday morning, Kevin took him straight to our vet.

And our vet had a bunch of UGA veterinary students there, who were ecstatic to see this rescued dog.

And here’s why:

He’s 8 months old.  The only issue he has is the mange, and it’s the non-contagious kind.  He has no heartworm, or any other issue.  He has a wonky leg, but because it doesn’t seem to bother him, they aren’t concerned.  They think he’s a dachshund-jack russell mix.  He’s 11 pounds.  He’s the sweetest dog in the word.  They said this is a dog that needed to be rescued.

We’re gonna keep him.

So for now, we give him special baths every other day, and he gets medicine two times a day for the mange.  We already think he’s cute, but we can’t wait to see how adorable he will be when he’s all fixed up!

In the meantime, life this week has been…pretty awesome.

Huck has been WAY better than I expected, and has been great with him.  We have them both sleep in the sunroom at night, and we think Finn likes that Huck is out there with him.  Huck is annoyed that Finn exists, but he also obviously takes care of him.  We think Huck is the grumpy old man that doesn’t want to admit he secretly likes Finn.

Alice adores Finn.  She has written him notes, drawn him pictures, and plays Barbies next to him so he can see her.

Tom LOVES Finn.  He has always wanted a dog that would truly play with him, and watching Finn come out of his shell with Tom has been the best!  They play, they chase, they do pretty much everything together.  It’s the cutest thing ever.

And Finn?  Well, he started off not eating or leaving his bed.  He started off with his tail tucked between his legs, and shaking in fear.

And in these few short days, he has just…blossomed!

He’s eating his puppy food.  He has found different sleep spots.  He’s good about going potty outside.  He’s conquered some of our short steps around here.  He’s been on a walk on a leash.

He plays!  He wags his tail!  He’s learning his name!

It’s just all so very…great.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Finn.

We love this little dump dog.  And we’re so glad he found us.

The first day we had him.


With his favorite toy.

Love notes.

Reading to him.

He clearly has a death wish. (That’s Huck’s chair!)




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Tom’s 8th Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party!


Tom’s 8th dinosaur-themed birthday party was so much fun!  Tom had the very best day, and he was so happy that so many of his family and friends were able to come.

Now that Tom is getting older, he definitely helps contribute ideas to his parties.  It was his idea that we have a dinosaur egg hunt, so we got Easter eggs and put mini dinosaurs in them to hide in the backyard. But when Tom saw them, he said, “Where’s the red on the inside of the eggs?  Eggs have all that red goo inside when the baby dinosaurs hatch.  You know, like in Jurassic Park!”  Ha!  So…I didn’t add goo, but I did paint the insides of the eggs red, and he was happy with that.

We also did a dinosaur scavenger hunt that everyone did together — collecting little clothes pins at each stop to clip on the backs of their paper stegosauruses.

But the kids just mostly played — they just loved being together.

We all had a wonderful time.  And then when it was all over, I realized I’d never served the ice cream!  Or the cheese ball for the adults!  And I totally forgot to give the kids their “binoculars” during the egg hunt!  I swear, I have no brain anymore. Ha!

We LOVE our big 8-year-old so very much, and we’re so happy everyone made the day so special for him.  Happy Birthday, Thomasaurus Rex!



Tom helped decorate!  He did such a great job!


Alice decorated the cake for me!  She had a full-coverage sprinkle plan, but ran out of sprinkles. Isn’t it adorable?!













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Tom’s Most Hilarious 7-Year-Old Quotes.


Every year, I do my best to quickly write down every funny thing my kids say — and this year was no different!  With Tom turning EIGHT on Monday, it’s time to compile all the hysterical things he said in his 7-year-old life — at least, all the stuff I could get down.

Oh my goodness, 7-year-old Tom has cracked me up! His mind is working all the time, and even though he got an untrained Mama (you’ll see what I mean), I think he’s turning out pretty great.

Without further ado, I give you…Tom at seven!

1. Feb. 11, 2017
Tom: “Dad is so classic right now.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Tom: “Classic means old.”

2. Feb. 16, 2017
Tom: “Guess where I got the idea!”
Me: “Where?”
Tom: “From my MIND.”

3. March 21, 2017
(discussing recess at school)
Tom: “He used to be my friend, but now he’s my archenemy because he betrayed me.”
Me: “Oh yeah?  What’s his name?”
Tom: “I forgot.”

4. May 19, 2017
“When you die, I’ll have a party for your birthday so your ghost can come. I’ll write my address down and leave it on your grave.” –Tom

5. June 9, 2017
Me: “Hey, you haven’t been bringing home your dirty socks from camp.”
Tom: “Yes I have! They’re in that pocket in my lunchbox.” #eww

6. July 8, 2017
Rachel: “Do you have on new undies?”
Gus: “Yeah, Tom had to use the others as a barrier when we flooded the bathroom.”
Both of us: “What?!?”

7. September 17, 2017
(Kevin has been on a trip for 5 days.)
Tom: “I miss Daddy. He’s been gone so long, I’m starting to forget him!” #5days

8. November 30, 2017
Tom: “I have a crush on Emmy. Don’t tell her.”
Me: “I won’t.”
Alice: “I will!”
Tom: “No, Alice!  That’s breaking God’s rule!” #thoushallnotconfesscrushes

9. December 6, 2017
Me (getting sentimental): “I love you, Tom. My first baby.  I didn’t even know anything about being a mom when I had you!”
Tom (seriously): “You should’ve trained.”

10. December 7, 2017
Tom: “Do you know what the real meaning of Christmas is?”
Gus: “Baby Jesus.”
Tom: “No. It’s caring.”
Rachel: “It’s caring?”
Tom: “Pretty sure…”

11. December 19, 2017
Tom: “Sometimes when I hear a bad word, I feel like I just need to say it out loud to get it out of my head.” #crap

For more of Tom, here are his 4-year-old quotes, his 5-year-old quotes, and his 6-year-old quotes!


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