Third Place In A Hippie Sport.

This weekend I played frisbee golf.  It was awesome and I loved it, even though I was incredibly bad at it.  In case you’re not clear what this sport may be — it’s exactly as it sounds.  The creators of frisbee golf didn’t try to trick anyone with a clever name.

I played an 18-hole course with my husband, sister and brother-in-law, Adam.  Every hole has a par like golf and luckily, girls have special spots that move them a bit closer to the target.  The course we were on required us trying to make it around a lot of trees.  I had a driver frisbee and a putter frisbee — very official.  Adam even has a special bag that holds his frisbee golf frisbees.  Anyway, I would use my driver frisbee and try to throw it as close to my “hole” as possible, before using my putter frisbee to get it in there.  Usually, I ended up using my putter three times, in addition to the three times I used my driver frisbee.  Being not a good frisbee-thrower and having not ever tried golfing, I wasn’t sure what the game held for me.  Luckily, halfway through Adam informed me that frisbee golf was a “hippie sport” and that’s why we could smell patchouli.  Hippies, I know.  So I was good.

Hippies take pictures of their hippie sport playing to share with their blog friends so there is a visual aid.  Isn’t that sweet of us?

Summer08 008
First place goes to Adam.
If there was a Frisbee Golf Chevrolet Green Jacket Classic…he should think about entering.
I mean, look at that near-impossible spot he’s “putting” from!
(Not to brag, but that’s my putter already in the “hole.”  It happened this one time and that’s the real reason I took this picture.)

Summer08 010
Second place goes to Rachel.  Look at that form!  Even though she got second overall in frisbee golf, it should be mentioned she was first place amongst the women.
And first place in our hearts for those shorts.  Which she stole from Adam.


Summer08 012
Third place goes to me.  Look at how effortless I make it look…it almost looks staged!
And that’s because it is.


Summer08 006
Fourth place goes to my husband.  Because even though some of the holes
were in the middle of the woods, this particular picture was taken for a hole
that was in the middle of an open field.  He’s gonna need some practice.


Summer08 017
My little dog niece, Molly, came in last because dogs can’t throw frisbees.  Duh.  Cute, though.


After all the fun and games, we then went to Subway for sandwiches which we took to a nearby park to eat.  Then we rock jumped.  Again, not a clever name, but this time, I invented it.  I’m hoping it will also be added onto the hippie sport circuit.


Summer08 031
Rachel, Adam and Kevin jumping rocks.  There were very few mishaps amazingly…although I did
make the mistake of picking up a little, dead frog at one point.  Oopsie.


Summer08 015
Temples family enjoying nature/hippie sports.

Also this weekend, I agreed to go with my grandmother to a long-lost relative’s birthday party.  The birthday girl turned 87 this weekend and I had never met her or anyone else that was attending the party besides my grandmother.  No big deal there, except when I got there my grandmother wasn’t there yet.  So there I was, in a room full of strangers that are somehow related to me through my great-grandfather on my grandmother’s side.  Ha!  I made friends quick.  A handsome gentleman named Buck who carves ice sculptures took a special liking to me.  He gave me his digits and said I should call him sometime.  I did remind him that I was…

1. Married.
2. Related to him in some way.
3. At least 40 years younger than him.

He didn’t care.  Awww.  I did remind Kevin that this is what happens when I attend parties alone.

Summer08 002
I don’t know these people but they let me come to their party anyway.
My lovely grandmother finally showed up and she’s the one in black trying to steal my green-shirted suitor, Buck.

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3 Responses to Third Place In A Hippie Sport.

  1. Kaye Smith says:

    So Rachel and Adam share the same shorts? Interesting, because I had to laugh when I saw her in those shorts. I am so glad you explained golf frisbee because I have seen those “baskets” in the parks around here and first thought they were some kind of disfunctional trash can.

    By the way, where were Tom and his little cousin during all of this – with someone you trust evidently:) The backpack scared me for a short moment.

    Keep up the blogs – can’t tell you how much I enjoy them:)

  2. Kaye Smith says:

    That would by dysfunctional, instead of disfunctional, although I don’t see why. I’m sure you caught that.

  3. Bob says:

    Tom and Matilda were not born yet, so I guess there are still with Kevin and Adam.

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