I’m Giving Birth To A Train.

At least that’s what my almost-3-year-old niece, Laney, thinks.

We are naming our son-to-be Thomas.  You can see how this may be a little confusing to a cute little almost-3-year-old considering one of the most famous trains known to toddlers everywhere is also named Thomas.

I don’t think any of us realized how completely confusing this was for her until a couple weeks ago when she blurted out to me:

“I want Thomas to come out so I can ride him!”

I had no idea what she was talking about, of course.  I needed her mommy/interpreter to tell me that Laney maybe thinks I am having a Thomas the Train.  We laughed and laughed because she is the cutest little person you could ever meet and I pretty much laugh and smile no matter what she does.

This weekend I was with her again and she was full of more exciting and interesting plans for my baby.  They included the following:

Laney:  You can have Thomas right now.  Right here (points to living room floor.)

Me:  I think I’d rather have Thomas in your bed instead.  Would that be OK?

Laney:  No.

(A few minutes later, she tried to bribe the baby.)

Laney:  If Thomas comes out now I will give him a toy.

(Then she actually did place a toy under my shirt for Thomas.)

Later she told me she had a Percy in her belly.  Of course, I thought she was saying a purse, which I didn’t at all understand but I pretended to.  Then her mom/interpreter told me that Percy is Thomas the Train’s best friend.

I really think she might be slightly disappointed once baby Thomas actually arrives.  I may need to go ahead and buy a Thomas the train and wrap it in a blanket to trick her.  (I mean…ease the pain for her.)

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