More Showering.

I’ve been showered again!  And again!  Seriously, it’s completely overwhelming how completely wonderful and awesome all of my friends, family and co-workers have been to me.  I’m so lucky and so is my baby!

Friday, three of my co-workers hosted a baby shower for me at work — more on that later (I am waiting for the pictures from that one.)

And then Saturday, my sister-in-law, Amy, threw be a baby shower at her house — and it was so cute!  I think the best way to describe it is in pictures.  So I apologize in advance if you get my blog in your email inbox and you can’t see them (I’m talking to you Rachel and Hillary!)

I have had way too much of this cake so I can assure you it is completely yummy.

Amy made this diaper cake — and the ribbon matches the cake theme!

I love baby socks.  Especially ones with puppy dog faces on them.

Everyone look at my belly!  I will say, the ruffles on this top did me no favors!

So we were playing the game where everyone guesses how big my belly is — except we couldn’t remember how to do it.  So after having a couple people wrap their ribbon guesses around me, Kelly reminded Amy that she could just measure everyone’s ribbon against a ribbon that was correct.  And that was much easier.  But the much funnier way was the way we did it originally which was to have everyone wrap their arms/ribbons around me.  So I think you can’t go wrong either way.

Amy and I.

Robyn and I actually took another picture after this one, but I think this one shows off our true beauty.

My mother-in-law and me.

My friend, Nikki, drove up from my hometown to be there — awwww.

Yep, that’s Laney!  Still hoping Thomas would make his appearance that day.

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