30 Reasons I LOVE Rachel On Her 30th Birthday (And Always.)

1. She saved me from being run over in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

2. She will fix my hair for me.

3. She forgave me for not telling her about Santa. For a long time.

4. She played every, single game I ever wanted her to play growing up.

5. She was sweetly impressed with the bridal and baby showers that I threw for her.

6. She decorated the house for my 18th birthday after I’d been dumped by a boy.

7. She is the co-inventor of the “coughty-cough” blessing.

8. She used to judge boys on two things: Who they voted for the in previous election and — most importantly — Did they like the movie Swingers?

9. She invents really good and sweet songs for her baby.

10. As a child, she could drink 10 Sprites in a row at a restaurant and not blink an eye.

11. She considered her 13th birthday party a success even though mom had the flu, one kid busted his face on our driveway and other kids ended up on our roof.

12. She tripped out of a car and fell down in front of her high school crush.  And lets me laugh about it.  Still.

13. She used to throw birthday parties for her favorite baby dolls: Emily, Eric and Bob.  And it’s a miracle that Bob had birthday parties considering his head was always falling off.

14. She knows that if she hears the sentence “I hate Fuzzbucket” that I’m the one saying it.

15. She is a fabulous dresser and I pretty much want to wear whatever she’s wearing. (see below)

16. She is a wonderful home decorator and party planner.

17. She understands why ending any story with “And she had no legs!” is awesome.

18. She is appreciative when I send her TWOP quotes making fun of Dawson’s massive head.  Like this: “Buzz tells Dawson to watch out for ‘Max and his bloody ax,’ although I suspect even Paul Bunyan’s ax would have a job of work splitting open Dawson’s giant head.”

19. She once wore two pairs of underwear to pre-school because she didn’t want to hurt mom’s feelings.  (She already had on underwear and mom also set out some for her to wear that day.)

20. In high school, she made a football player cry.

21. She’s an amazing artist.  Amazing.

22. She loves Adam.  She loves Matilda.  But she really, really loves Benjamin Franklin.

23. She is an absolutely wonderful teacher.  And has been since she was about 4 years old.  (I know this because all of our baby dolls and stuffed animals are extremely smart and successful today.)

24. She hates people who are mean to me.  Even if it was 20 years ago.

25.  If I am having a complete breakdown over something really minor, she will say “I completely understand.”

26.  She got her belly button pierced with me because I wanted to.

27.  She buys and makes the most thoughtful gifts for her friends and family.

28.  Massive dancing skills.  The girl is a trained clogger and an Irish dancer.

29.  She once asked a priest if it was okay that she didn’t believe in everything Catholics believe.  (His response?  “Umm…what is it that you don’t believe in?  That’s not okay.”)

30.  She is my sister.  My best friend.  And I am so very lucky to have her in my life.  There really are no words to fully express how much she means to me except to say:  I LOVE you!! (Very, very, very much.)

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