Swaddle Practice.

I didn’t know how to swaddle a baby and I told my sister that although I appreciated the swaddles/swaddle outfits/swaddlers (I’m not sure of their official title — see how much I don’t know?!) that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to use one.  It seemed…complicated.

So my sister did what sisters do.  She brought me a swaddle/swaddle outfit/swaddler and a baby.  In doll form.

And she taught me how to do it.  And then I did it myself.  And then two hours later my mom yelled “Pop quiz” and made me do it again by myself to make sure I really knew how to swaddle.

So I’ve swaddled!  See how happy my baby is to be all swaddled up?  She’s actually smiling.  I will say that swaddling probably came a bit easier for me during my practice test since I was swaddling a plastic doll, therefore when I kind of abruptly turned her over, she didn’t mind.  Also, when I placed her hands down by her sides, she didn’t move them.  Baby steps.


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