Huckle Love.

I love this dog.  He is my baby.  He is so cute and confident and guards his pregnant mommy on walks through the woods on New Years Day.  Kevin and I talk all the time about how we really need to make sure he still gets attention once our human baby makes his appearance.  I so want Huck to know he is my first baby love.



Some of you know that I wasn’t sure I wanted a dog.  But Kevin convinced me that a dog would be great and I would love him.  So we got Huckle.  And I fell over the moon crazy in love with this animal.  After all my reservations and fears — I loved, loved this dog like he was my child (because he is.)

Before getting Huck, all I could think of was the negatives — what if he was a mess in the house, dog hair everywhere, we’d have to make dog plans when we went out of town, we’d have to come home at certain times to let him outside, etc., etc.  What I never, ever considered was that I would want to do those things.  That they wouldn’t seem so terrible because he was mine and I loved him.

And that’s how Huck convinced me that I definitely wanted human babies too.  Now.

I know that may sound completely insane, but I only thought about the negatives before — never considering that the love would outweigh all that.

And even though my human baby isn’t here yet — oh how I love, love, love him already.  Can’t imagine life without him!  And I can’t wait to see how my love for Thomas will grow.

My little puppy showed me that I would love being a mom.

Smart little pup.


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