First Week.

Thomas had a very busy first week!  I am his official recapper so here it goes…

1.  He was born.  And it was awesome.  And I was so very happy that he made it into the world without having to do an emergency c-section as was discussed during one particularly scary moment during labor.  So whew…I’m so happy he was born healthy and we are so very lucky to have him.

2.  He met lots of people.  Most importantly, his Daddy.

3.  His mom made him wear a cute hat.  Yay!  Baby in a hat!  With ears!

4.  He tried out his car seat.  Yep, because it’s required by law and we wanted to set a good example.

5.  We left the hospital.  And we went home.  And it was oh-so-nice and we were one happy little family.

6.  He met his brother.  And Huck has been so happy to meet him!  My spoiled puppy has turned into the most attentive and loving big brother ever.  If Thomas makes a peep, Huck is first on the scene.  It’s hilariously awesome.

7.  He sunbathed.  Because both my boys love to look out the window.

8.  He sucked his thumb.  It only happened this one time, but it was so cute.  I’ll worry about the fact he’ll need braces if he keeps this up at a later date.

9.  He makes funny faces.  My sister and brother-in-law say this is his “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?” face.  I agree.

10.  He watched Star Wars with his Dad.  Kevin couldn’t wait for Thomas to be born so he could share his favorite movie with his son.  Kevin waited a whole 4 days before sitting down in his recliner with his boy to watch it.  So cute.

11.  He saw his first snow.  And he loved it.  I could tell.

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