Two Babies.

I have two babies right now.  I know what you’re thinking.  Already?!  Is that even possible?!

And the answer is, yes.  Yes it is.

One baby is very small.  And one is a lot bigger.  One baby has little baby sneezes and little baby spit ups and the other baby has massive sneezes and a gross cough and a runny nose.  Eww.  And the big baby has to stay away from the little baby.

I think the big baby is just trying to get out of diaper changes.  It’s a really clever plan, really.  One I am jealous I didn’t think of first.

The thing is, when big baby woke up Monday morning and his voice sounded weird to me, I was instantly mad.

How could he do this to me?!

I am the patient here!  I am the one that just gave birth!  I am the one that people should be asking about and helping and being super sweet to!  Not you!  You’re just…sick.  Again.  For the second time in 6 weeks!

That’s right.  I’m telling you that I was super annoyed with my spouse for being sick.  And if you want to know the truth, I was annoyed when he was sick over Christmas too.  And I was even more annoyed when he passed it on to me.

Heartless, right?

Poor thing is sick and all I can think of is — he should’ve been drinking orange juice.  And taking vitamins.  And not drinking after sick people.

Okay, he probably didn’t drink after a sick person.  But still!

So I forced big baby to go to the doctor and they gave him meds.  And then I called in reinforcements by way of my mother-in-law because I am scared of taking care of two babies by myself.  Also, he is her son and therefore — she owes me. 

Doctor says in  24 hours big baby won’t be contagious.  And the way I see it — I’ve changed every diaper for 48 hours (well, my mom was here and helped but she’s Team Kate so therefore it counts on my board) so beginning Thursday at 5p — I get 2 days off of diapers.

Because that’s totally how it works, right?!

LOVE you, baby.  Get well soon!  And I really, really mean that.

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