That’s Not Pee.

Today was a very exciting and busy day in our household.  Today was picture day.

The first of many picture days, I’m sure.  And I was super thrilled and excited for it.  After all, my baby will only be a teeny tiny baby for a little while so I need to document it now!  And also, I need to make sure I get him wearing all sorts of adorable hats before he’s able to pull them off and stomp on them.

So my friend Shana drove out to my house to take my baby’s infant pictures.  I knew Shana in college and thanks to the power of Facebook, I knew that she was now a professional photographer.  So back when I was still pregnant, I told her I would love for her to take Tom’s pics and she agreed.

She arrived this morning with all sorts of neat and cute little props and gadgets (and even a couple of cute hats!)  The process of taking cute pictures of an infant is a long one.  It requires a sleepy and full baby.  And my baby was sleepy and full — but also was stubborn and didn’t totally appreciate how cute it would be if he would just prop his cute little hands under his cute little head!  But I digress.  He was actually very good and I was very proud of all he put up with from us.

What did he have to put up with?

Well — he had to wear at least three different hats.  And he had to lay on puffy blankets in only his diaper.  And he had to be put in my dining room cabinet.  And I’m totally not making that up.

He also had to be completely naked and wrapped in cheese cloth.  It was hilarious.

And it became a whole lot more hilarious (to Tom) when while wrapped completely naked in cheese cloth and being held by his loving mother (me) he just let loose.  Like…really.  And I heard my mother-in-law say, “That’s not pee.”

That’s right.  My cute little man decided that me trying to calm him down was the perfect time to poop all over me!  And that was after he had peed all over me three previous times that day.

I like to think of it as my baptism into motherhood.

We all laughed so hard (I’m deliriously sleep deprived so most everything is funny to me) and Shana couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures of the incident.

So in addition to all the completely adorable pictures I will have to put in my child’s photo album, there will also be a picture of me covered in poo.  Because I’m awesome like that.

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