Target By Myself = Not Good.

Oh my goodness, no one should ever let me go to Target by myself.

Well, they should let me if I just won the lottery or if they don’t care that I’ll spend every cent I have in that store.  (And who doesn’t care about that for me?!  I have a child to co-support!)

But seriously, I have a Target addiction.

Today, my mother-in-law stayed with Thomas for an hour while I ran to the store to pick up a couple things.  I even made a list and assured myself I would stick to it.  After all, I didn’t want to be gone long so I wouldn’t even have enough time to buy more than what was on my list.



My list was this:  pump parts, bottles, Dreft, orange juice, tylenol

What I actually bought was:  3 shirts for me that were normal-sized and not made for a pregnant person, a blanket for Thomas even though he’s got 20 already, pump parts, bottles, Dreft, tylenol, chapstick, a romance novel (I know!) and a Sprite.

I remembered I had a frozen orange juice in the freezer at home so I could mark that off my list and buy an extra 7 things. (Obviously!)

Oh, and I was still home in an hour.  Even with time limits and list limits I can still over spend in that store.  Nothing stops me.

I am truly addicted.

So I had to come home and confess my sins to my mother-in-law since I had more bags than was obviously necessary.  And do you know what my sweet mother-in-law said?

“That’s OK.  You deserve it.  You just gave birth!”


From my repeated watchings of the show, Intervention, I can tell you that although I am the addict, that statement makes my mother-in-law an enabler.  Although to be a true enabler, she needs to fork over cash for my addiction.  I’ll work on her.

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