Tom’s Second Week.

The recapping continues — although I’m a couple weeks late.  I have both his second and third weeks ready but I’m dividing it up over two entries so it won’t crash your computer.  Too much cuteness can do that, you know.  But here’s what Thomas was up to on his second week on the planet!  (Here’s a hint:  He met a lot of people who love him.)

1.  He met Uncle Lucas and Aunt Candice.  You guys know how much Lucas and his wife mean to me and I couldn’t wait for them to meet my little man.  And it was totally cute!  Tom liked them.

2.  He spent time hanging out with Grandma.  My mom came up and spent a couple days with us — which was awesome.  I was so happy she was here to cook for us and spend time with Thomas.  Plus she forced Kevin and I to go out to dinner on Valentines Day. (We went to Atlanta Bread Company because we’re super romantic like that.  Also, the clerk harassed me for not bringing the baby.  Apparently I ate there so much during pregnancy she knew me — which I didn’t realize.)  My mom was also super helpful when it came to my breastfeeding insanity…but that’s another blog.

3.  He spent time with Mimi.  Kevin and I have some wonderful mamas!  My mother-in-law spent many days with Thomas and I when Kevin went back to work.  Because of my mom and mother-in-law’s tag teaming, I didn’t have to be alone for that whole week — which was so very awesome, I can’t even tell you.  We’re so lucky!!

4.  He met my friend, Sabrina.  And I’m glad he was nice to her because she lives nearby and has two little boys of her own so I need her in my life!  Also, she took some awesome pictures of Thomas while she was here — I love having talented friends.

Here’s a picture Sabrina took!  Isn’t he a doll?!

5. He met his new best friend, Jace!  My friend, Renee, came to visit and brought along her little boy, Jace.  Tom doesn’t know this yet, but he and Jace are going to be best buddies.  Plus, Jace is the sweetest, happiest little boy so I’m happy that he’s setting a good example for my little one!

6.  He met his cousins — Madelynn, Reese and Delaney.   M. is a little mommy and R. was totally cute and happy to “hold” Thomas.  D. was surprisingly not upset that Thomas was a real boy and not a train — so everyone was happy!  It was total cuteness.

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