Reading With The Help Of My Big Toe.

You know what I discovered by having a baby?  An all new purpose for my big toe.

Now that we’re in week four of my baby’s life, I’m starting to relax a little bit.  Just a little.  I’m able to put baby on his crazy psycho play mat and eat a bagel very, very quickly.  I’m able to hold the baby with one arm and open the door to let Huck out so he can bark at whoever or whatever has decided to come near our house or yard.  I can hold the baby’s bottle with my face for a second while I move my hair away from my eye.  And most recently, I’m able to feed Thomas and read a book at the same time — with a little help from my huge, big toe.

Let me explain.

I really do have a large big toe.  I know it’s called a big toe and therefore it shouldn’t be surprising that my big toe is, well…big.  But it’s really big.  I think I would wear a size 7 shoe if it weren’t for this toe.  Big toe makes me wear a 9.

Well, if you have a large big toe you should put it to good use, right?  So I came up with a plan.

I play music on my laptop while feeding Thomas.  And (of course) we use that feeding time as a bonding experience and gaze into each others eyes and fall more in love with each other every second and….well, it’s a love fest.

But usually, he closes his eyes sometime during the feeding.  And when that happens…I read.

You know I’m in love with the Twilight series.  I re-read all the books twice during my pregnancy instead of reading the 126 pregnancy-related books my sister let me borrow.  Anyway, the Twilight author wrote an alternate version of the first book and it got leaked onto the internet last year.  The author decided to take control of the situation and post the rough draft on her own website (and she also stopped writing it…boo!)  So…it’s there for the reading.

So I hold my sweet Thomas and watch as his little eyes droop and when they completely close…I use my big toe to advance the pages of this online book.  (It’s excellent, by the way.)  I just reach my foot out to my laptop on the coffee table and press the “mouse” button.  Easy!

And if Tom does wake up during my reading — that’s OK.  He inherited my big big toe so he can use this as a learning experience.

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