Tom’s First Bath.

At our 1 month doctor’s appointment on Friday the doctor gave us the OK to give Thomas his first real bath!  I was excited but a little nervous because I had just gotten the hang of the sponge baths.  But that seems to be the way it is…once you get used to something with the baby, it’s time to change!

Yeah, he’s really enjoying himself.

Despite what the picture shows, I promise my baby LOVED the bath.  This picture was taken right when I placed him in and he made this face and a squeak.  But as soon as I started pouring the water on him — he was a happy boy.  I’m so relieved!  I was hoping he loved baths as much as his mommy (and boy, I’m really missing them — hurry up 6 weeks!) and he does.

Whew!  Another thing accomplished.  And a clean, good smelling baby is the best!

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