Crying Stops Crying.

This week so far has been — hmmm…how shall I put this?  Let’s go with:  Freaking nightmare!

I think my little man is going through a growth spurt this week.  On Monday, he didn’t want to sleep AT ALL EVER and wanted to eat almost constantly.  Ugh.  Then Tuesday was a little better, but only because I decided I would do whatever I had to do to keep him from crying because I was so tired and I didn’t think I could handle it.  So I put him in his sling and walked around my backyard for like…2 hours.  He was able to meet all the neighbors, though, since all my neighbors were probably wondering what the heck I was doing and came out to check on me.  (And they all talked about how cute, sweet and QUIET he was.  Stinker.)

As soon as Kevin got home from work Tuesday night, I went to sleep.  I was super exhausted from the last two days and I hadn’t gotten my normal 5 hours at night (divided up, of course!)  so I was kind of dying.  Basically when Kevin walked in I cried, “Can I please go to sleep?” and he was putty in my hands.

So today I was hoping for some relief.  Surely this “growth spurt” wouldn’t last too long.  Surely he needs sleep too.  Surely he loves me and wants me to be happy.  Right?  Right?!

No, not really.  This morning he was having none of it.  No play mat.  No swing.  No bouncy.  No hanging with mom.  No music.  No rocker.  No bassinet.  No Happiest Baby On The Block method.  No bottle!  (I know!)  Apparently, he’s insane.

So anyway, I was sad.  I’m still pretty tired from the past couple days and I was just overwhelmed with his crying so I broke down and started crying.  And two things happened:

1.  Huck got super upset and jumped up immediately and smothered me in kisses.  He especially licked around my eyes to catch the tears.  This made me cry harder because I was so touched.  (Also, I’ve started talking to Huck like he can help me with the baby.  Tom gets his insanity from me.)


2.  Tom.  Stopped.  Crying.

That’s right!  After everything I tried, apparently the best way to get my over-tired baby to stop crying is for me to start crying.


What kind of weirdo baby do I have?  Does he like me to be in pain?!  Maybe he was trying to get me to cry.  Like a misery loves company type deal.

I don’t know what it was, all I know is that IT WORKED!!! (So instead of the Happiest Baby On The Block method, I am now pushing the Saddest Mommy In The World method.)

My crying stopped his crying cold.  After three hours of off and on fussing and crying — He just stopped.

It got him calmed down enough for me to use the Happiest Baby On The Block method and he just conked out.  And now he’s been sleeping soundly for four hours!  That’s even more than usual!  Maybe the combination of methods has put him in a baby coma.

And I rewarded myself for the discovery of my new method by downing three of those mini-snickers.  And all is right with the world once again…

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