Just The Two Of Us.

Today we accomplished another milestone — Tom and I left the house together — just the two of us.

My co-workers were throwing a going away party for my good friend at work today.  They emailed me a week ago asking me to come but I was too scared to commit to going.  But a couple days ago, I decided I would go no matter how Tom was acting and just hope for the best!

I needed to be there at around 1 p.m.  This means I started getting ready to go at 9 a.m.  Because it takes me four hours to get me and a teeney, tiny person out the door.

I got his diaper bag ready and put it in the car.  I got myself ready and dressed in actual pants and a clean shirt.  I pumped a bottle for him.  And then I hoped he’d be good and tired for the car ride into downtown so I started playing with him after he ate at 9.

And then the strangest thing happened.  For the first time in three days, he wasn’t really interested in being awake.  Today, he wanted to sleep!  So at 10:30 I put him down.  And then I tried to re-configure my plans to figure out how to adjust my schedule around his surprising nap.

But he woke up at 11:15.  Apparently, I just had bored him enough to make him want to fake sleep so I’d stop saying things like “Look at the froggy!”  “Mommy’s going to get your sugar!” and awesome things like that.

So then I fed him again and then I made another bottle for him before we hit the road.  And let me tell you — I was really nervous about the car ride.  This was the first time he’d be in the car without someone sitting in the back seat with him.  And you know how the past few days have been…

And he was a dream.  He did great.  He was a little angel in the car.  When we got to work, he was a bit fussy at first, but then I handed him over to one of my co-workers and he was immediately in love with her.  I now call Lisa the baby whisperer.

He charmed the pants off of everyone.  I was originally planning on being there for maybe an hour but we were there for two.  I couldn’t walk anywhere without people coming up and fawning all over him and he was just so good with everyone.

And then we got in the car to come home — and he was great again.  Perfect.

Once we got home, he wanted to eat again (and he’d eaten at work) so he was quite the little piglet and had been up for a long time so I wasn’t surprised that he completely passed out around 4.  It’s now 8:30 and the little guy is still out!  He’s slept so long that I’ve woken from my nap so I could make him another bottle.

I am just so proud and happy that little Thomas decided today was a day when he could handle a big trip and lots of people.  I really wanted to be there for my friend and I’m so thrilled Tom was having a good day!  Yay baby!

Also, quite a few people asked me if Tom was going to follow in my professional footsteps.  Every time, I think I said “No!” a little too quickly and loudly.  Oops.

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