Sleep And Happiness.

Last night/this morning I got more sleep than I have gotten in the past 6 weeks.  My lack of sleep has not been all Tom’s fault.  I’ve been reading a lot and getting really into the books to the point that when I’m supposed to be sleeping — I just keep reading.  And also the pumping thing makes it a bit harder for me to fall back to sleep right away at night.  Breast pumps are loud and weird and not exactly relaxing.  So…I blame myself.

But last night I had just finished another book (The Italian Affair by Laura Fraser — very good) and I decided to start cutting out some of my pumping sessions in favor of getting Tom used to formula bit by bit.  And I slept.  And it was awesome.

Then Tom and I started our Monday.  After last week, I had mentally prepared myself for battle. I reminded myself that babies sometimes cry.  That I can do this.  That if it gets really insane, I just need to pack him up in my car and we’ll go for a drive.  Basically, I gave myself a pep talk.  A “You’re A Mom and You’re Awesome” talk.

And I didn’t even need to.  Because Tom was an absolute angel today.

We slept late.  We ate.  He played on his play mat.  We went for a really long walk with Huck.  We chatted with our neighbors.  We ate again.  We got a visit from Kevin at lunch.  We sat outside on the back deck and enjoyed the sunshine.  Then he sat with me on the recliner and slept while I tried to catch up on my Netflix movies. (I watched Adventureland and loved it.  Tom thought it was a snooze.)

It was a wonderfully great and awesome day.  A day I got to spend happily with the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen.  I try to remember how lucky I am on days when we’re having a rough time of it — but it’s so nice every once in a while to easily know that I’m the luckiest.

He surrendered.

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