Way To Make Me Look Like A Liar.

Yesterday, my mom drove up to my house to pick up Thomas and I for a little trip back down to my hometown of Warner Robins.  My mom and dad have moved into a new house (also in WR) but are in the process of really cleaning up the old house and getting ready for a yard sale this Saturday.  The old house is the house I grew up in, so my mom wanted me to come down and claim anything I couldn’t live without.  Since I’ve been living without this stuff for 15 years, I’m pretty sure I don’t really need to claim anything.  But I wanted to come down here just in case!  If you read my blog back when I was moving into our first house, you know that there are actually tons of things I cannot live without. I actually went over to the old house today for a sneak peek and so far all I need are all my yearbooks and scrapbooks and an email I wrote about a wedding I was in that made me laugh.  Isn’t it lovely when you can make your own self laugh years later?  Or am I conceited?  Anyway…this blog isn’t even about this.

This blog is about how Tom made me look like a liar today.

My parents know that Tom has been a slightly fussy baby the past couple weeks.  So my mom came up yesterday and we made the two hour drive down to WR and Tom was good — but not asleep.  And then we got here and he started being his fussy-not-pleased self and both my mom and dad agreed that he was just a fussy baby right now.  So…at least they knew I was telling the truth.

Tom slept good last night (which he usually does — so lucky with that — wait.  I don’t want to jinx it.  I’m sorry I mentioned it and take it back!) so then this morning I decided to see if he would go back to sleep after his 8 a.m. feeding so I could nap some more.  But nah…he didn’t want to nap.  Well, he did want to…but only for 10 minutes.  So I officially got up and dressed and got him up and we started our day of me trying to entertain him and him thinking I’m nuts.

Around 10:30 a.m. I noticed he was blinking slow.  You know that slow blinking, right?  So I knew I had him!  Even though we were 30 minutes away from when he could eat again (trying to get him to go longer between feedings right now) I tried to get him to sleep by walking around the house.  And it worked!  I was so pleased with myself, even though I was sure he would wake up to eat shortly.


He slept and slept and slept.  I placed him down in his bouncy seat knowing that for sure he would wake up when he left my arms.  No.

Finally, I had to wake him up because I had already made his formula-mixed-with-breastmilk bottle (we’re also working on this) and I needed him to eat it before it was too late and went bad.  (I had made it when he was making noise so I wanted to be prepared and then the little stinker kept sleeping!)

So I fed him around 1 p.m. — which was 5 hours after his last feeding which was sort of a record.

Then mom wanted me to stop by her office to show him off to her co-workers.  So I put him in the car to head over there knowing that he would be awake and hopefully not screaming.

And…he fell asleep.  It’s 5 minutes away!  What?!

And the whole time we were there he was asleep.  And my mom had previously told them what a fussbucket he was and they all looked at she and I like we were insane.  He was an absolute angel.  We took him out of his seat.  He was passed around!  He just snuggled up to everyone and went asleep again.  They all called us liars.

Way to go, Tom!  I only see these people once every few years and now they think I tell terrible stories about my angel baby!

Anyway, we then put him back in the car and headed to the old house.  Still asleep.

And then I grabbed my scrapbooks and yearbooks and looked through a bunch of crap memories and he still slept.

And then I drove back to the new house.  Still asleep.

And then I took a nap for an hour.  Still asleep.

And now I’m writing this blog.  Still asleep.

I’m scared of this baby!  Because he’s too good!  Where is my baby?!  I don’t trust him.  I know he’s just saving everything up to get me when I least expect it!

Like…tonight probably.

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