Not For Sale.

So this weekend I “helped” with my mom and dad’s yard sale.  They were selling a bunch of stuff from the old house that they didn’t need at the new house.  And I use “helped” in quotes because I didn’t really help.  I mainly just showed my baby off to strangers.

I will tell you that Friday I actually did help and priced some things.  Dad was cleaning out his backyard shed and bringing me things he thought were sell-able.  One of the things he brought me was a wooden box with a lock and key.

I asked him, “Is it empty?”

He said, “I don’t know.”

So I used the key that was cleverly hidden on the outside of the box right next to the lock and opened it up.  And it wasn’t empty at all.

It was filled with all sorts of my stuff!  Like…love notes from boys, some journal entries, a piece of chipped paint that said ‘Tony’s car 1996’, a bunch of stickers that said ‘Class of 1995’ — you know, stuff that obviously needed to be under lock and key.

So anyway…I kept it and everything in it.  In my defense, I plan on really going through it and getting rid of some of it.  But most of it was quite hilarious and I don’t see how I can possibly part with it.

Also, when I was supposed to be helping I read through some of the signatures in my yearbooks.  One person wrote to me, “You are really weird.  Nice knowing you.”  Ummm…thanks?  Another person wrote, “You are not good at ceramics.  Hopefully you find something you are good at.”  Awesome.

Saturday was the actual yard sale.  At one point during the sale, I walked upstairs with Tom and sang him his favorite lullaby in a couple of the empty rooms.  And I got choked up.  I couldn’t help it!  All of a sudden I started thinking about all the great memories I made in that house.  I had to call my sister to reminisce about all the games we played, all the fun we had, all the crazy things we did back when we thought we were cool. (Now, we know we are.)

In the end, I did sort of help because I brought back a ton of stuff.  Yearbooks, scrapbooks, old letters, report cards, a lot of books and a really old thermos.  Absolute necessities!

I also got to bring back this cute baby.  I marked him NFS.  (Because he was good that day. )

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