Smiling’s My Favorite.

Tom now smiles at me.  On purpose.

This means I now spend crazy amounts of time in his face trying to make him smile at me over and over and over again.  Which he does.  And it really is absolutely the best!

This is his little grin.

People told me that when babies started smiling at you that it was a great feeling and I guess I could see that — but when it actually started happening, I had no idea how excited I would be.  I felt like Sally Field.  “He likes me!  He really likes me!”

Tom’s been really doing well lately.  We haven’t had those constant crying jags like we were having the past couple weeks.  He’s been taking more naps and he’s happier when he’s awake.  Even with all the toys and gadgets we have, his favorite thing right now is for me just to place him on a blanket on the floor.  He can entertain himself for a pretty long while like that — although Huck also tries to get in on the action when he’s down there, usually sidling up to him and taking a nap.  And of course, I also try to get in on the action by making him smile at me.  So basically, now that he’s a happy boy, we constantly harass him.  That’s what you get for smiling in this house.

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