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It’s Officially Official: We’re Responsible.

When we became parents, a lot of what we had been hearing for years became true for us.  We were so in love with our little boy.  We couldn’t imagine life without him.  He was the best thing ever.  We … Continue reading

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Sooooooooo Big.

Ummm…I think he may have outgrown this seat that he wasn’t supposed to be using yet… Which he thinks is hilarious.

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Sorta Smile.

Are you serious, Mom?!   You want me to smile now? Ugh.  I’d rather play with Huck.  This smiling on demand stuff is getting exhausting. You touched my face!  Now I have to smile!  Are you happy now? Okay, seriously.  Now … Continue reading

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Torture Time.

Technically, it’s Tummy Time — but most of the time my little boy thinks it’s the most torturous exercise in the whole wide world. We got a spiffy Tummy Time mat for Tom as a gift — the mat looks … Continue reading

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Three Years Ago Today.

Kevin and I got married. Know what that means?  That means that three years ago today I was wearing a way cuter outfit than I am today.  And it didn’t have spit up on it.  And I was in Charleston. … Continue reading

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Cribs Are For Babies.

Which is exactly why I’m trying to get my baby to sleep in one. This week I’m working with Tom on two things — a bedtime routine and sleeping in his crib. I’ve started the bedtime routine thing just to … Continue reading

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Shot Through The Heart.

Guess what I learned today? That taking your child to their 2 month well check visit at the doctor’s office is the worst thing ever! (For me.) My poor baby had to get shots — lots and lots of shots.  … Continue reading

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He Likes To Move It, Move It.

My child is a mover and a shaker. If he starts fussing — it’s almost always nothing that a walk with a bounce in your step and a constant patting of his back can’t cure. Or put him on your … Continue reading

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Family Photo.

This is our first family photo!  We had no pictures of Kevin, Tom and I — and this was a bonus because we got Huck in it too.  We were at my family’s beautiful farm this weekend to celebrate Easter … Continue reading

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Easter Candy Denied.

“Mom, is that the Easter Bunny I hear?!” “I sure hope so because I think I’m going to LOVE all the candy he brings me!” I’m sorry Thomas, but you’re too little for candy.  I think the Easter Bunny brought … Continue reading

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