Cribs Are For Babies.

Which is exactly why I’m trying to get my baby to sleep in one.

This week I’m working with Tom on two things — a bedtime routine and sleeping in his crib.

I’ve started the bedtime routine thing just to get him used to it — I’m not being strict about it or anything.  I’m just going through the motions right now.  I’m feeding him sometime in the evening (it’s usually around 6 p.m.) and then I give him a bath and then I put on his little PJs and put him in his crib.  I read him a book, sing him two songs and turn on his little sound machine (it’s a sheep that makes whale noises — confusing much?) and then I walk out.

Today, he played in his crib by himself for 15 minutes before he started crying.  I was pretty proud and excited about that!  It’s the little things.

So then I walked with him in our backyard for a little bit and when I came back in and peeked at the mirror — he was asleep.

The book I’ve been reading said you want the baby to be sleepy — but not totally asleep — before putting him down.  Oops.

But I figured he would sort of wake up when I placed him in there and therefore that should count as not totally asleep.  I’m cheating already.  And it’s day 2.

He made it in there for 30 sleeping minutes today.  But that’s better than what he was doing anytime before this week — which would be to scream like he was being attacked the minute I placed him in there.

We’ll continue working on it.  Right now, he’s back in his swing sound asleep.  Because sometimes I’d just rather him sleep than teach him that cribs are for babies.

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