Three Years Ago Today.

Kevin and I got married.

Know what that means?  That means that three years ago today I was wearing a way cuter outfit than I am today.  And it didn’t have spit up on it.  And I was in Charleston.

Last year I did a Top 10 memories of that day. This year I’m doing that again with different memories because…that’s all I could think of to do.

1.  I made mimosas in my room instead of getting ready like I was supposed to.  That’s probably why I was so relaxed and didn’t care that I only had 20 minutes to get ready.

2.  Once I made it to the park, my then 6-year-old niece told me that, “Kevin dated a lot of girls.  A lot of them.  But he decided to marry you.”  I told her I was glad he picked me.  And then I prompted her and said, “Aren’t you glad?”  She said yes.  (Better have been yes or no flower girl duties for you!)

3.  I sort of put together our vows for our friend/officiant to read but I forgot to put a notation in there to have everyone be seated.  So after the first prayer and my grandmother read a poem, I kind of not-so-subtly whispered to our friend/officiant to tell them to sit down.  Kevin laughed at me.  Our friend very ceremoniously said “Please be seated.”  Which kind of made me laugh.

4.  Our ringbearer/nephew decided he didn’t want to walk down the aisle after all.  I didn’t care.  There weren’t any rings on that pillow anyway.

5.  I didn’t see my flowers until I arrived at the wedding site.  I loved them but my bouquet was enormous!  I felt bad that Rachel had to hold that huge thing and hers as well.  My weak arms would’ve dropped that sucker.

6.  We had a harpist at our wedding and she took requests.  Kevin loved that about her.  He requested tons of songs (mostly Irish ones) after the ceremony was over while we were taking pictures.  I requested nothing because I don’t ever know the names of songs.  Except “Vogue” and I thought that’d be weird.

7.  Complete strangers watched us get married.  They were an older couple and they sat on the bench right next to the gazebo and watched the whole thing and wished us congratulations.  I thought they were incredibly sweet.

8.  After the ceremony, I moved my wedding band to my right hand because I liked the way my engagement ring looked without it.  Now, I don’t wear my wedding band at all.

9.  I ordered red wine with dinner without even thinking that I was wearing white.  And that I’d have to wear the dress again the very next weekend for our reception.  That was the only thing I was nervous about that day.  And after my first glass, I wasn’t anymore.

10.  When we got back to the hotel, two little girls were in the elevator and were so excited that I was a bride.  One of the girls ran her hand down my dress while she asked me questions.  Adorable!  And then we had drinks with her family. (See previous post.)

LOVE you, baby.  Happy Anniversary.

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