Torture Time.

Technically, it’s Tummy Time — but most of the time my little boy thinks it’s the most torturous exercise in the whole wide world.

We got a spiffy Tummy Time mat for Tom as a gift — the mat looks like an airplane and there is a little thing that elevates Tom and he can spin himself around.

I thought it was neat when we got it.  And then we put him on it.

He immediately started grunting in distaste.  And then he started flat out complaining.  Before going into quite a vocal little fit about how “neat” he thought this mat was.

And Kevin and I laughed.  And laughed and laughed!

I couldn’t help it!  Here was our cute little man on this cute little thing and he’s spinning himself in circles and fussing and for some reason — it struck us as the most hilarious event of the week.

This is the beginning of us making his life miserable.  And it’s so fun!

See?  He likes it.  At least he does until he realizes you plan on leaving him here.

Monkey-bottomed pilot.

You can’t help but laugh, right?  Right?!

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