It’s Officially Official: We’re Responsible.

When we became parents, a lot of what we had been hearing for years became true for us.  We were so in love with our little boy.  We couldn’t imagine life without him.  He was the best thing ever.  We loved him more than words could ever say.  Our lives had changed forever.

All of it was true and we’ve been loving it all.

And then Kevin decided to sell his convertible.

Selling his convertible made sense on a number of levels.  Since getting a truck a couple years ago, he didn’t drive it very much anymore.  And now we have a baby that can’t ride in it so he’d be driving it even less.  Plus, diapers cost about as much as a sports car and we need diapers.  Or else things will get really messy around here.

So Kevin decided to sell his car to our best friend’s parents.

It was the right decision.  The responsible decision.

But that doesn’t mean that Kevin wasn’t a little sad.  He took his car to his favorite car wash that morning and cleaned her up.  And then he parked her in our driveway and took a few photos of her from different angles.   And then he said, “Do you think maybe when Ernie and Eileen are done with her after a few years I could maybe buy her back from them?”  (I said yes.)

And I was a little sad too — this is the car we took when we drove to the Grand Canyon together after dating for a few months.  (Note:  If you can survive a drive across the country with someone in a car this tiny, you should get married and have children together.)

We know we did the right thing.  Absolutely.  No doubt!

This car was really fun (for Kevin) and held a lot of memories (for me).  But diapers can be fun and contain a lot of…memories…too, right?!

See you around!

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