Canceling Cable.

Kevin and I decided to cancel our cable this weekend for a couple of reasons.  The reasons being…

1.  We don’t watch it all that much.  We’re too busy staring at our baby and playing with Huck.  Plus, I’ve been making a conscience effort not to have the TV on too much when Tom is in the room and he’s almost always in the room because even though his nursery is super cute he’d much rather be where the action is.

2.  It’s too expensive for something we hardly use.

So — it was a fairly easy decision for us to make.

Yesterday morning, our cable switched off and Kevin got started around 10:30 a.m. installing a TV antenna on top of our house.

Well — first he had to hit Lowe’s and Radio Shack for some last minute supplies.  THEN he started on the roof installing everything.

That took him until about 1 p.m. when I begged him to come down and eat something because I didn’t want my hub fainting and falling off a roof.

At 1:30 p.m. he started again and here’s where my description will start to get a little hazy because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

He started working on the cable box.  This required him to totally bend one of my forks into what looks like something a prisoner would make to stab someone.  He then used his homemade shiv to get into the cable box.  (He seriously looked it up on YouTube to see how to do it — and bended fork was the advice he took.)  Then he started trying to get these bolts off so he could hook up our antenna to it — but instead he busted one completely off and then had to admit defeat on the others.  (Cursing began commencing here.)

Then he came back inside and realized during all of his TV attempts, he somehow knocked off our Internet.

Okay — I can live without cable, but the Internet?!  Ummm…I don’t think that’s survivable.

So he broke down and called AT&T and they sent someone out right away.  (On a Saturday for something we sort of broke.  Weird, right?)

At this point, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and two of their children, including 3-year-old Laney, were over here.  So the AT&T man (who Laney was very concerned with because he was a stranger) fixed our Internet like Kevin wanted and then got all the super difficult bolts off and then he left.  (Which was good because Laney had been saying, “There’s a stranger downstairs.  The stranger needs to leave!” the whole time he was here.)

So around 5:45 p.m. we had the Internet back and now Kevin could hook up our antenna to the cable box and all would be well.

And we turned on our television to see that after an entire day’s worth of work we had exactly…

One. Fuzzy. Channel.

And it just so happens to be the Spanish channel.

Poor Kevin.  He will now be spending today installing some other type of thing that should give our antenna a boost and hopefully get us the Atlanta channels.

All I can say is:  Adios y desearle suerte me!

(Goodbye and wish me luck!)

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