Tom and Huck.

I’ve noticed some interesting things about my two boys and their relationship lately.  And they go something like this…

1.  Tom is fascinated when Huck’s tail wags.  Huck is indifferent.

2.  If Tom starts to have a complete and total breakdown — Huck runs to the door.  Huck wants to go outside exactly 2 seconds after Tom begins crying.

3.  If I don’t watch him, Huck will try to lick Tom’s burp cloths.  To death.

4.  And Huck definitely wants to lick Tom’s face.  Especially his mouth.

5.  Tom will smile at Huck.  Especially if Huck blocks me from Tom’s view.  I think they’re ganging up on me.

6.  Huck will viciously bark and be scary to anyone who moves toward Tom in what Huck views as an aggressive manner — but only if the person is also a woman.  Specifically, Kevin’s grandma and my 10-year-old goddaughter.

7.  When I have Tom on the changing table, Huck also wants to get on the changing table.  I think maybe this is because Tom always has a very wonderful time up there and Huck wants to know what he’s missing.  Sadly, Huck will never know because he can’t reach it on his own and I have to draw the line somewhere.

8.  Huck will pull on his leash while on a walk — except when he’s on a walk with just me and Tom.  Then he just stays right by my side the whole time.  He won’t even attempt to chase squirrels or chipmunks!  I think the Dog Whisperer should just tell people to have a baby to solve their dog-walking issues.  My opinion.

9.  Whenever Tom and I return home from a trip, Huck immediately comes over to check Tom out and lick his foot.  Just one lick.

10.  When I say, “I love you!” in my hyperactive baby voice, they both think I’m talking to them.  And they’re right.

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