My Life As Tom’s Mom So Far.

In honor of my first Mother’s Day I am recapping my life as Tom’s mom so far!  I have learned a lot in the past three months — like I can function without sleep, that I am suddenly a person who wants four children, and that I have passed my impatience along to my cute, round, smiley little man.  Did I mention I make cute kids?  Cause I do.

Four months pregnant.  I would’ve taken pics sooner but I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was almost 3 months along.  So my little baby had wine while trying to form.  Maybe not the best way to begin my mommy recap.

Once we realized we were with child, we began working to turn this…

…into this.

I made Kevin build stuff.  He was happy to do it.  He was happy to do anything that didn’t require him painting.

I got lots of presents.  Most of which I had no idea what it was or how to use it.  The smile is this picture is a smile of fear.  I’m thinking, “Maybe I should’ve read at least one book on parenting instead of re-reading the entire Twilight series.”

After I begged and begged Kevin to please come home from work, I got admitted into the hospital.  And I got to watch Project Runway.  And Kevin couldn’t say anything about it.

And then he was born.

I loved having all my boys home together.

Tom slept a lot.

And cried a lot.

And he ate so much…

…He turned into a giant.

And then he smiled.  And I had a new purpose in life:  To make Tom smile constantly.  No matter what I had to do, he was going to smile every time he saw me!  I have had to stoop pretty low for some of the smiles.  Worth it.

I am so happy with my little family.

I am so in love with being his mom.

Want to see how I feel about my mother?  CLICK HERE to see how awesome I think my mom is!

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