Drowning In Formula.

After I picked up Tom from daycare yesterday we hung out on the back porch for a while so we could watch Huck chase a chipmunk up a tree (Which I didn’t know they could do but Tom did.  He said “Duh” to me.) and so I could get bitten by mosquitoes.  Oh summertime…I wish you didn’t exist.

About an hour later, Tom seemed hungry.  He hinted to it when he started chomping on his hands and making really loud smacking noises.  So I fixed him a bottle and I began feeding him.

And he began screaming.

He was super pissed.

I had no idea what was going on.  I tried to burp him even though he hadn’t really eaten a lot thinking maybe that was the issue.  After about a minute, he calmed down so I tried to feed him again.

He immediately started choking and seemed to be spitting the formula out at me.

Like, okay Tom.  I’m sensing maybe you’re not thrilled right now.

I was totally stumped, so I put the bottle down and read him a story because he loves books.  And he was fine and happy.

And then I took him back outside and rocked him and he fell asleep.  So I’m thinking:  Ah-ha!  He was just tuckered.  Problem solved!

After his 30 minute nap, he woke back up and started the chomping, smacking routine again so I got the bottle back out to feed him.

And he screamed!!  And he spit!!  And he hated it!!

As I’m holding my screaming, angry, little baby I walk into the kitchen and change out the nipple.  I have no idea what prompted me to do this except to say that I actually have a favorite nipple – what?  Yes, it’s true.  I have a favorite nipple and a favorite bottle.  I’m all about favorites.

Anyway, I changed out the nipple that I was using for my favorite nipple and realized the original nipple was split.  Like the hole was huge!  Totally busted nipple.  Poor baby wasn’t spitting formula at me – he was drowning in it!

Nipple.  I just wanted to use that word one more time in this blog.

So I fed him using my favorite (not broken) nipple and he gobbled it up.  I’m thinking now he was just faking me out with that nap.  Like a survival mechanism.  He was just trying to think of a way to keep his mom from drowning him in milk for a little while.

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