Cousins Conversating.

Matilda:  Hey good lookin’ I can teach you a thing or two.  For instance, this is how you stand up and pose!
Tom:  Cool.

Tom:  I can teach you something too.   Do you know how to do this?  I’m grabbing my feet!
Matilda:  Wow!  (under her breath)  I am totally humoring him.

Matilda:  I can walk you know.  I don’t even need help!

Tom:  Oh yeah?  Well, my eyes are starting to turn a little brownish.
Matilda:  Let me see!

Huck:  Hey, hey, hey! Everyone just calm down.  Both of you need to try to get better control of your limbs.

Matilda:  I think you’re kind of neat.
Tom:  I love you.

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