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The Eyes Have It.

Kevin got Lasik surgery on Friday.  The good news?  It worked!  The bad news?  Kevin has been getting mocked by me for days. Of course, that first day I was sweet.  I read all the instructions on what meds and … Continue reading

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Bragging On My Baby.

Tom has only been in school for a week and he can already spell and do craft projects.  Clearly, he is the genius we suspected.

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My Life As Tom’s Mom So Far.

In honor of my first Mother’s Day I am recapping my life as Tom’s mom so far!  I have learned a lot in the past three months — like I can function without sleep, that I am suddenly a person … Continue reading

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60 Degrees.

Mom, is this really necessary?  I know it’s windy, but geez…

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No Food For You.

So…yesterday I overslept.  It was so weird.  I had my alarm set and when I woke up I saw that it was still correctly set — so I’m not sure what happened there.  I really don’t think I turned it … Continue reading

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No Pants, Stranger Pants.

I started back to work on Friday which means that Tom started going to his daycare on Friday.  The teachers told me he had a really good day and I was so happy about it I burst into tears.  (I … Continue reading

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Tom and Huck.

I’ve noticed some interesting things about my two boys and their relationship lately.  And they go something like this… 1.  Tom is fascinated when Huck’s tail wags.  Huck is indifferent. 2.  If Tom starts to have a complete and total … Continue reading

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