Rescuing Sheep In The Rain.

This is Huck and his best friend.  We cleverly named his best friend, Sheep.

Huck pretty much takes Sheep outside every morning and brings him back inside every night.  Every now and then, if I know there’s a chance of rain, I will calmly explain to Huck that Sheep can’t go outside that day.  Huck totally understands.

Last week, I was feeding Tom when it began pouring down rain.  Huck immediately ran to the back door and began crying.  At first I was worried that maybe he was developing a fear of storms before it hit me — Sheep was outside.

So I stopped feeding Tom, placed him in his bouncy seat, and ran outside in the rain to find Sheep — who was drowning in a mud puddle.  I was completely soaked.  Dripping wet.  I brought Sheep back inside and Huck immediately began jumping to get at him, but I had to dry him off with Huck towels first.

And then Huck began cleaning his friend.  Licking him.  Sniffing him.  And telling Sheep that it was all Mom’s fault she didn’t know about the rain.

Sheep survived his near drowning.  I was kind of hoping that his voice box would be damaged in the rain, but no such luck.  The baaaaing continues.  The best buds can continue to happily play together.

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