Am I Bald Yet?

My friends told me that after having a baby I would lose a lot of my hair.  I guess you hardly lose any hair while pregnant and then all the hair you didn’t lose in 9 months decides to drop off your head after having your wee one.  I was aware of this and was mentally prepared.

After having Thomas, I didn’t think I lost a crazy amount of hair like everyone said I would.  I secretly thought that maybe this was another pregnancy symptom that would just magically pass me by.


It started last week.  I ran my fingers through my hair in the morning – all breezy-like – and then realized I’d just pulled out a ton of my hair!  Gross.

I take a shower and it’s coming out in clumps.

I brush my hair in the morning and when I get home and again when before I go to sleep and I have to clean out my brush every time and even then, I can still pull out more.  Not that I want to.  Although, to be honest, I’m kind of grossly fascinated.  I keep running my fingers through my hair to get more.  Sick, right?  I can’t help it.

Here’s the clincher though:  I need a haircut really badly.

My hair is way too long for a Georgia summer.  I would officially like to request that just the bottom three inches of my hair fall out from now on.  Also…please highlight yourself.

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