Wearing Pajamas To School. Again.

I picked up Tom from school yesterday.  He was wearing this:

These are his pajamas from the night before.  Sound familiar? And his teachers tried to roll up his sleeves on it.  This is not the cute outfit I set out for Kevin to dress him in.

Me:  Miss Lela?  Did Tom come to school this morning wearing this outfit?

Miss Lela:  Yes…and no socks!

So when we got home, I immediately fed Tom and then he fell asleep on me so I let him stay there for his nap.  I gently woke him up at 5 p.m. because we were expecting company.  The first thing he did was spit up all over my cardigan.  I think he was saying, “Thanks A LOT for leaving me in my hot pajamas all day!”

So then I decided to go ahead and give him his bath since he was covered in spit up too.  So I took off my cardigan, took off his clothes and got his bath ready.

And he peed all over me.  He had been saving all that pee while he was sleeping and when he saw the running water, he let loose.  On me.  I think he was saying, “My pajamas were really hot!  It’s only 95 degrees outside!”

So I took off my pee-drenched tank top and gave him a bath so at least one of us would smell good.

After his bath, I took him into his room to get him some new pajamas.  And he spit up all over me again!  I think he was saying, “It’s really embarrassing when you’re the only baby still wearing your pajamas!”

I calmly explained that it was all his dad’s fault so he should stop taking it out on me.  He puffed out his bottom lip at me, but I think he got the message.

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