Matilda’s 1st Birthday Party: You Are My Sunshine.

My sister and her husband threw the most adorable 1st birthday party for my niece this past weekend!  And I will tell you — all of the cuteness was not lost on Matilda.  She loved every, single, little thing about the event.  Except the cake and ice cream.  She’s apparently watching her figure.

Rachel handmade these invitations.  The theme of the party was “You Are My Sunshine” and those are the lyrics to the song around the edges.

Rachel also made this Happy Birthday Matilda banner for the kitchen out of scrapbook paper.  If I didn’t know better, I would think she purposefully painted her kitchen bright yellow to go along with her party theme.

Handmade party hats!  She got this idea from  She covered pre-made party hats in colorful fabric (just glued it right on there) and then decorated the bottoms with fring and ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  She also handmade the balls on the tops of the hats using yarn.

Sunshine cookies made by yours truly.  This was my first attempt at using fondant icing.  I “glued” it on my cookies using corn syrup.  Next time I’ll try not to be as messy with my glue.

Party favors for the guests were bags of Lemonheads.

Lemonade served in mason jars.  I bought these over a year ago for a party and we just keep using them.  They are just mason jars with a cut-out lid.  They’re supposed to be for candles or something, but I’ve always used them for drinks.  So cute!

Our mom made Matilda’s cake.  Yummy!

Matilda’s own personal cake.  There will be no pictures of her slamming her hand in it and mushing all over her face because she insisted on using a spoon and then only sort of ate one little bit before asking to get down.  She’s too classy for messy cake pictures apparently.

Everyone at the party was asked to fill out this little “quiz” about Matilda.  One of the questions was “What is something Matilda did when she first tried food?”  I answered, “Gagged.”

Another banner Rachel made out of scrapbook papers.  This one says “You are my sunshine.”

The picture frames were bought for $1 each at Ikea (also an idea from and she put a picture from each month of Matilda’s life in them.  So we could see how teeney Matilda has grown!

Rachel and Adam hung this sheet in their backyard that Rachel sewed a “1” onto.  She told me she actually tried to iron it on — but that didn’t go well — thus, the sewing.  Matilda’s outfit is a skirt I bought for her at the Mossy Creek Festival this past year and a shirt from Target.  Can you believe how cute and perfect that shirt is?!

I know of one little guy who loves his cousin, Matilda.  Yes, that would be my cute little Tom.  And he loved his hat.  And his parents.  And partying.  He’s gonna be a wild one.

Rachel took pictures of all the party guests with Matilda in front of the cute “1” sheet.  These are our parents with the birthday girl.  My mom dressed to match the theme.  Apparently the theme gene runs in our family.

Matilda trying to steal our Aunt Kathy’s hat.

Matilda and her happy parents!  Rachel insists that despite what this picture shows, Matilda loves them, she just doesn’t like the hat.  (Again, this info is according to my sister.  I’ll ask Matilda about this as soon as she’s able to effectively communicate.)

Yeah, I think she had a good time.

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3 Responses to Matilda’s 1st Birthday Party: You Are My Sunshine.

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  2. Eva Wallace says:

    How did you make these adorable invites?

    • loveandkate says:

      Hey Eva! Okay, so I talked to my sister and had her describe it to me, and it sounds a bit more complicated than she swears it is. 🙂 This is it:
      1. She drew a circle on the back of the main orange cardstock. Then she drew lines on it to make it resemble a pizza (with the slices). Then she cut those lines (not the outside of the circle, just the lines) and folded them back.
      2. She did the exact thing with a smaller square of yellow cardstock — except she shifted the lines/folding so the “rays” would alternate with her orange.
      3. Then she just glued a photo on the back of that.
      So when you opened the invite, the info was on the right, and on the left you saw the back of the yellow square and on top of that, the back of the photo.
      Does that make sense at all? I hope that helps!!

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