Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 1.

I am going to try to keep this up:  Bits of My Weekend.  It’s a super cute idea (I think) from what is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, Her blog makes me really, really want to live in New York.  I already asked.  Kevin said no.

It stormed at our house Friday night in a major way.  I love, love storms, but this one scared even me a little bit.

And then our power went out so we played Scrabble by candlelight.  And Kevin tried to question me on my spelling of “album” all the while spelling words he claimed were Egyptian rivers or whatever.  Nerd.

Our power was out for 13 hours and the next morning we found out why.  This is my street and that is a huge tree that toppled power lines next to another tree that was clearly struck by lightning.  Good times!

Thomas is happy we got our AC back.  So is mom.

Candice and Lucas came to visit us so we could make fun of Lucas for once-upon-a-time dating interns and Huck could fall in love with Candice.  Huck slept on her foot at one point.  Traitor.

We. Went. To. Church.  I’m going to let that sink in for a little bit.  See?  Miracles do happen.

We met Amy, Kyle and the kids for lunch and then they came over to our house for a bit.  Laney brought each of Tom’s stuffed animals from his bedroom out to him in the living room. She did stop for this photo op.  With stuffed animal in hand. (Tom is thinking, “That’s mine!”  He doesn’t understand that whole “sharing” concept yet.)

Photographer needs to work on her skills — but this is Huck all curled up in Kevin’s arm.  And he tucked his nose under Kev’s arm.  I guess he was not as happy about the AC as we were.

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