Tom Takes After Me! In Only One Way.

You know what?  Up until yesterday, I was positive Thomas was just a miniature Kevin.  A little duplicate.  He looks like Kevin and acts like Kevin, which, in my opinion, is just awesome.  I don’t know if you know this, but I happen to really love Kevin.  So having a little duplicate is the cutest thing ever to me.

But yesterday — Thomas did something very un-Kevin-like.

He ate sweet potatoes.

If you know us, then you know that I am the extremely picky eater of the family.  Unless it’s a carb or a candy, I’m pretty sure I could do without it.  Kevin likes almost everything — the spicier the better.  Except sweet potatoes.  Which just happens to be one of the very few vegetables I do like.

I think Kevin was expecting Tom to hate them too.  He didn’t.  I think they’re his favorite so far.  (Yay!)

For those keeping score, this means that on Tom’s who-does-he-take-after tabulation, it’s:

Daddy: 107; Mommy: 1.


Sweet, sweet potato love.

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