Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 2.

We went to an Athens park with my sister’s family and my mom so we could play around in the river all day.  Don’t worry, Matilda got nice and muddy very shortly after this pic was taken.

But she had a nice watering pot to shower with.

My mom getting attacked by grandbabies.

Tom splish splashing.  LOVED it!  He loved everything about it.  Including the handful of dirt he ate on my watch.  (Rookie mom mistake #327)

His love of turtles continues…

Ahhh…nature.  It was a beautiful day and we had the best time.

This is what happens when your back is turned.  (Please notice — he’s sitting up by himself!!)

I lost a tickle war.

Mimi and Pops visited.  And while Mimi was busy getting Tom drunk on milk…

…I got my hair and toes done!  Woo!

Oh, and when I said “Pops visited” I meant “He came to fix our toilet leak.”  Which only took he and Kevin 12 hours and three trips to Lowe’s and three trips to Home Depot.  Next time he comes over, I’m going to get him started on laundry.

Kevin introduced Tom to airplanes and their awesomeness.

The boys went to Target — without me?! — but they brought me back this present.  “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Juno” double feature.  I’m a lucky girl.

Want to see what other people did this weekend?  Check out!

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