Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 3.

As many of you know, we were in the hospital all of last week.  (More on that later this week.  I’m still working out my thoughts.)  But as you can see from this Bits Of My Weekend post — we are home.  We are happy.  We hope the worst is behind us.

This Bits of My Weekend post brought to you by my cute boy!  His momma couldn’t hardly take pictures of anything else.

Saturday morning — little baby in a big hospital bed.  Filled with balloons and many, many toys.  That crib is huge, right?  I’ll tell you this — it’s big enough for me to sleep in.  Ask me how I know.

Saturday evening.  The children’s hospital was really great as far as hospitals go.  Our home is better.

Did you ever want to see a pic with one of my eyes and one of Tom’s eyes?  You’re so lucky today.

Thomas playing with his balloons.  This entertains him for quite a while.  By “quite a while” I mean long enough for me to put away his laundry.

Kevin’s parents brought over this yummy-ness for us.  I think it’s official name is Mexican casserole.  I call it Cheesy Chicken Heaven.

Kev on the computer.  Thomas letting me know he sees me.

I missed this guy SO much last week.  I needed my pup.  Today he was brought back to us (Kev’s parents had taken him to their house for a few days) and it just made everything feel normal.  Love my family.  Happy to be home.

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