Sentences I Could Do Without Hearing For The Rest Of My Life.

Last Tuesday morning, Thomas didn’t wake up while I was still home.  He was in the middle of a marathon sleeping session, so I only checked on him around 4:30 a.m. to make sure he was okay and then I went to work.  At 7:30 a.m. I got a call from Kevin who said something was wrong with Thomas and that we had to take him to the doctor.

His exact words were, “He is covered in blood.”

And thus began a week of hearing sentences I absolutely never want to hear again.

Starting with the first doctor we saw who said, “I’m totally stumped.”  And then he called in two other doctors to check us out and they both left shaking their heads.

A nurse who said, “Oh my God, that’s so much blood!  I wasn’t expecting that.”

The doctor in the emergency room who said that, “The X-ray shows he may have a healing rib fracture.  Do you remember him falling?”

Uhh…no.  (And it wasn’t.)

“His platelet counts are really low.  So low, we’ll need to test it again,” said a blood specialist.  (And it wasn’t.)

“We’re going to have to admit you into the hospital,” said a nurse.

“This test will take approximately an hour and a half,” said the nurse about a test that required Thomas to be strapped down.  And actually, it was three hours.

“Can you sign this form saying he can have the surgery?”

And when the nurse came in the day of the surgery and said, “It’s time.  They’re ready for him.”  I burst into tears for what felt like the hundredth time.

And when it turned out that they didn’t find what they were looking for so they couldn’t fix what we thought they would fix, the nurse told us, “They didn’t find anything.”

Here’s the thing.  My child is seemingly fine now.  We were in the hospital for five days and they never found the source of the blood loss and it never happened again.  He has been a happy, laughing child.  He looks at me with his big eyes that totally say, “What’s the big deal?”

Doctors are now assuming he had a polyp or something similar that broke off, bled and healed itself.  We are hoping that is what happened too.  In the meantime, this mom would like to hear sentences that go something like, “He is great.  He is healthy.  He is happy.”

And after today’s blood work test — that’s exactly what I’m hoping to hear.

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