You’re Not Just Facebook Friends.

When Thomas was in the hospital last week, I was scared.  I was the most scared I’ve ever been, which is saying something because I am a total scaredy cat.  I got the call at work around 7 a.m. on Tuesday and ran out of there super fast for a day of doctors, hospitalizations and tests.

On Wednesday, I was even more scared as they told us he’d need surgery that afternoon.  And I felt totally helpless.

We had my mom, Kevin’s parents, my sister, Kevin’s brother and our sister-in-law with us in the hospital.  Our many out-of-town family members were aware of our situation too.  And I knew we were all praying that day.  But I wanted as many prayers as possible.

So I updated my status on Facebook to ask for prayers and happy thoughts.

And the response totally overwhelmed me.

Before a minute had passed I had a comment from someone I haven’t seen since high school. (Thank you, Beth.)  And seconds after her, someone I haven’t seen since his wedding in 2008.  (Thank you, Randy.)

And then they just kept coming like that.

From people I’ve met through all aspects of life — from elementary school until now.

Our internet connection at the hospital was slow, but I get the notifications on my cell.  And I held so tightly to that phone all day.  Checking all the wonderful comments from people who let me know they were thinking of us and especially, my little Thomas.

I had friends and family who also used their statuses to ask for prayers and happy thoughts for my family.  And complete strangers commented saying they would and wanting updates.

Thomas was in surgery for over an hour and I was just waiting.  With my cell.

According to my email account, I got over 200 messages via Facebook.  Not counting the ones who commented on my friend’s and family member’s statuses.  And that doesn’t count the other friends of mine that I know prayed or thought of us without commenting.  Knowing that many people were praying for us — made me feel so much better.

Sometimes I forget how awesome people can be.  I have a job where the focus is on the very crappiest of people.  People who are not kind.  People who are not good.  People who do very terrible things.

But those people aren’t on my Facebook friends list.  You guys are.  And I love, love, love everything you did for my family last week.  Even if you thought it was a little thing, to me and my family it was a big thing.  It helped us cope with a difficult situation.

You’re not just my Facebook friends.  You are my friends.

I cannot thank you enough.

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