Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 4.

I’m a day late!  Or two days late depending on when you think I actually type this review up.  My excuse is that this is my vacation week and I believe my weekend was Saturday through Monday and therefore this is completely on time.  Yeah.

The meteorologist where I worked told me that middle Georgia would be “hell on Earth” over the weekend, with a heat index of 116.  So of course, that’s where we went.  And we gave my child a wet washcloth to play with.  I’m sure he’s hoping Christmas gets here soon.

Mom and Kev surviving the heat.  We had to eat outside because we had Huck with us.  That’s love, right?

We went to Washington Park in Macon.

Where my mom introduced Tom to waterfalls.

And we got this little guy soaked.  He thought he didn’t like it, but then he did.

Hot couple.

Playing in the grass.

Awesome dinner included these vegetables.  Doesn’t that just look like simple yummy-ness?

Paw Paw and Thomas.

We went to the Museum of Aviation.  Tom learned to fly jets.  He’s so advanced.

Tom chewing on an absolutely disgusting seatbelt.

Grandparents + Thomas = Happiness.

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