What I’ve Learned In The Past 6 Months.

Today Thomas is 6 months old!  We celebrated by taking him to get shots.  And then we gave him kisses.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned in the past six months of being Tom’s mom.

1. Every cliche I’ve ever heard about being a parent is absolutely true.

2.  I now know how to:  make a bottle, work a breast pump, change a baby in a restaurant, pack a diaper bag, buckle a child into a car seat/stroller/bouncy/swing, memorize entire books (as long as they are only 8 board pages long), give a baby a bath, buy diapers, dress a child, sing a baby to sleep and make a baby laugh.

3.  I can survive on very little sleep.  And I’ll let the other people around me survive too.

4.  Labor and delivery was not as scary as the first time I was home with him by myself.

5.  Thomas made me remember the fun in the simple things.  Singing songs, blowing bubbles, looking at plants, and putting my hands under running water are now suddenly very exciting.

6.  Baby smiles and laughs are like drugs to me.  My name is Kate and I am an addict.

7.  I can love my husband even more.

8.  Especially when he says, “No, finish your cereal.  I’ll change him.”

9.  Seeing Thomas with his grandparents and great grandparents is amazing.  I have a whole new understanding of family.

10.  Having a baby is a great way to meet every single person in your neighborhood.

11.  I can limit myself to one Starbucks coffee a week.  But…man.  It’s work.

12.  My diaper bag has a mind of its own.  And its mind is telling it to slam itself into strangers.

13.  I may have spit up on me and not notice for hours.

14.  I don’t know the words to nearly as many songs as I thought I did.

15.  Sniffing a baby bottom doesn’t seem weird to me.

16.  I can be seriously traumatized from a nail-clipping mishap.

17.  The feeling I get to make sure Tom is breathing is with me every day.

18.  I wish I had a video monitor.  To make sure he is breathing.  And not caught in his crib.  And not joining any gangs.

19.  Tom snuggling into me is the Best. Ever.

20.  When I say, “I love you, Thomas!” — he immediately smiles back.  I have no words.

He’s got me.

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