Hiding From My Baby.

Tom experienced some side effects as a result of our week-long hospital stay.  Nothing medical (yay!) but he had to re-learn going to sleep in his crib and eating baby food (not yay.)  And I am happy to say he’s doing great with both once again.

But there is one side effect that is still a problem.

He wants his mommy to hold him All. The. Time.

Now, I know from reading other parenting blogs and talking to my friends that babies/children sometimes go through these phases with both parents at some time during their baby-hood.  But I can’t help thinking that maybe this time his wanting of me has to do with me not leaving his side for the 5 days/nights we spent in the hospital.

I slept in his crib with him, people!

It was a big crib.

So now little man thinks that besides the whole drawing-blood-at-4 a.m.-every-morning thing, and besides the whole three-hour-strapped-down-scan thing, and besides the whole surgery thing — the hospital was awesome.

(Mom and Dad do not agree.)

Tom doesn’t want me to sweep, do dishes, do laundry, put him in a car seat — he wants me to hold him, hold him, hold him and let him drive with me.

Now, I’ll use any excuse to get out of chores but Kev, Tom and I need clothes since we don’t live in a nudist colony.  And the law says Tom can’t drive.

This past weekend I was in the kitchen and Kev was with Tom in the living room.  I heard Tom playing.  I walked in the room and he immediately began his grunt/cry request for me to pick him up.  I didn’t.  I just went downstairs.

He began to play again.

I came back upstairs — grunt/cry request.  Denied.

I went back downstairs.  By running through the living room so he wouldn’t really see me.

And then I decided that the grunt/cry requests were making me feel bad.  So I just hid down there.  I stayed down there for 45 minutes.  About 20 minutes in I remember thinking that I really needed something from upstairs, but I decided I could do without it for a little while longer.

I hid from my baby!

I just didn’t want to hear him cry for me anymore!  And really, it’s not his fault he’s got such an awesome mom, right?


When I went back upstairs, I sat on the floor with him to play in the hopes that would make him happy but show him that I wouldn’t be constantly picking  him up.  Grunt/cry request.


On one hand, I don’t want to contribute to his clingy-ness.

On the other hand, I love my baby and he’s little and he just got out of the hospital and, and, and…

And I really hate doing the dishes anyway.

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