Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 6.

This Bits Of My Weekend brought to you a day late courtesy of Tom’s Torturous Teething 2010.  More on that excitement tomorrow.  (Try to contain yourselves.)

I took one million pictures of Tom trying to get one with his eyes open.  Turns out he’s cute even with his eyes closed.

Or open.  Either way, he’s total cuteness!  He should be a cover model baby. If I believed in that sort of thing.

I made this guy.  He’s part of a stocking stuffer I’m putting together for my sister and mom.  They both read this blog, so I’m kind of giving them a “sneak peek.”  Or I’m “ruining the surprise.”  Whichever.

I entertained myself for 10 minutes when I put a gob of tape on Tom’s nose.  He still loves me.  His shirt says so.

I baked chocolate chip cookies.

Tom had a fever on Saturday (thus the washcloth on his head) but then we realized it was because he was getting a tooth (thus my smile.)  This was obviously taken before I realized getting a tooth is the worst thing ever.

Kev put together this high chair for Tom.  Such a big boy!  (I mean Kevin here.  Isn’t he so grown up to put together a high chair?)

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