Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 7.

I went to dinner with these girls on Friday night.  Don’t I have the cutest friends?  They’re funny and smart too.  Jealous much?

Tom learned to drive.  It’s never too early for me to yell, “Hands on the wheel!”

And he learned magic.  Instead of the usual Abra Cadabra, Tom tried Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba and made this ball light up.  Spooky, right?

Matilda came to visit and immediately bogarted Tom’s exersaucer.

Tom got cuter.

Cousins checking out the doggies.  (Max came to visit Huck for a play date.)

Tom thanking Robyn for bringing him some new pants and a toothbrush for his little bit o’ tooth.

These people came over to grill out and play games with us.  Kevin was really, really excited.

In the pig toss, no one rolled this.  But if they had, they would’ve gotten 60 points and everyone’s admiration.

Tom wished he was a dog.

Yeah, Tom doesn’t like the teething rings I bought him.  He prefers Wii.  Expensive taste, that one.

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