Cry Baby.

I don’t think I’m saying this just because I’m his mama, but it’s possible:  Thomas has a wonderful personality.  He is a happy little person.  He is extremely inquisitive.  He always wants to know what’s going on around him.  He is always on the move.  He is very smart.  He is very easy to love.

But this week — he is a crybaby.

Maybe he’s mad because his mom makes him wear dirty clothes.

Last weekend I noticed he was quick to cry.  Little things at first — he’d bang his foot and burst into tears, for instance.  I assumed he was just tired.

Then we were playing with those stacking rings and Tom had a ring and he was banging it on the little pole part — as if he was trying to stack it. So I helped him by guiding his arm to it and he dropped it and it stacked.

And then he screamed.

So then I took the ring back off and gave it back to him.  He then banged it and tried again to place it on there.  I let him do if for a while longer this time — but then eventually I helped guide his arm over and he dropped it into place again.

And burst into tears.

And since then — it’s been things like that.  When I wash his face after eating (although not his clothes, obviously) — he cries.  When I have to buckle him into any of his many seats, when I put him in his bath, when I read him a story — cry, cry, cry!

As soon as he would burst into tears, though, he’d be quickly over it.  Quick burst of sadness followed by a lot of happiness.  I think that’s called craziness.

So right about when I was getting really worried that my child was a nut, I saw it.  A second little bud of tooth next to his other little tooth.

Now I’m not saying that he wasn’t tired or that he wasn’t really pissed that I helped him stack the rings or that he isn’t a nut, but I do think that having a tooth break through your gums would be kind of irritating.

So right now, this little guy is a little bit on the bipolar side.  We’re treating his condition with the highly recommended Hyland teething tablets.  And lots of snuggly kisses and hugs.  And clean clothes.

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