Poop On Deck.

Kevin:  Tom had a huge blow-out diaper this morning.  It was disgusting.  Worst. Diaper. Ever.

Me:  Good job Tom!

Kevin:  It was all over him.  I had to wipe him down.  It was all over his clothes too.  I gagged.  Twice.

Me:  Ha ha!  Did you put his clothes in the wash?

Kevin:  I couldn’t.  I was dealing with the massive diaper and a poo-covered Tom!

Me:  So…are his poopy clothes just in his hamper?

Kevin:  No, they’re on the deck.

Me:  What?!

Kevin:  They smelled so bad!  I just put them out there.

Me:  You put his poop-covered clothes to sit out on our deck…all day?

Kevin:  Yeah!  They were irreparable.

Me:  I’m sure they can be washed.

(I go outside onto deck and indeed see poo-covered clothing thrown on our deck chairs.)

Me:  You’re right.  They’re irreparable.  I’ll throw them out.

Kevin:  (under his breath)  Told you so.

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