Bits Of My Weekend: Volume 8.

If this blog had a subtitle, it would be: Georgia Aquarium edition.

We took Tom to the Georgia Aquarium.  This is him right when we walked in the front door.

His Daddy wanted to make sure he really saw the fish.

Looking at the jellys.

Oh!  Look who else was there!  A cute little cousin.

My sister, her hub and Matilda in the tunnel o’ fish.  Matilda hates tunnels o’ fish.

Just kidding!  She loved it.

Tom was amazed by the fish swimming over our heads.

He was equally amazed (if not more) by the rock decorations.

He likes to nap with his leg propped up, leaned back, spread out and in front of thousands of aquarium-goers.

I loved the aquarium.  But I spent a lot of time watching Tom love the aquarium.

Looking at the fish with Grandma!

Looking at more fish with Grandma!  And she bought him one of these!!  A smaller version, but still!  She is such a Grandma.  No way would I have been given a stuffed fish back in the day.

The end of a long day…

Now for the rest of the weekend!

Tom got cuter.

I baked these.  Technically, they are oatmeal, chocolate chip, caramel cookies — but I call them the meanest cookies ever!!  See all that melted caramel?  Yeah, that is cookie glue.  So these smelled SO good — but it would take 15 minutes to chisel one off. And no offense cookies, but you’re ugly.

We visited Mimi and Pops on Sunday and they had all sorts of new toys for Tom to try/drool on.  He loved it!

This picture was cuter about 5 seconds before this.  But I still love it.

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